Approximately 10 years after the building had to be abandoned due to structural problems, residents of Symphon Garden returned to the reconstructed building to inspect the new home.

In a statement, the building’s resident committee said it held a pig roasting ceremony yesterday (Sunday) to celebrate the completion of the building’s reconstruction and pray for the safety of its owners.

In October 2012, one of the pillars of the Sinphon Garden house collapsed due to a loss of stability, allegedly due to the demolition and construction of the foundation work undertaken at the adjacent Soho Housing Project.

The reconstruction of the Symphon Garden began in October 2018 for the Symphon Garden skyscraper, but after the Macau Jiangmen Community Association, which promised to donate 100 million MOP to the reconstruction project, told the condominium, the project The owner’s management committee has run into some problems last year to stop paying for the project.

The Building Management Commission also showed that businessman and philanthropist Vu Shun Him (aka António Ferreira) has regained 50 million MOPs that he promised to move forward to support reconstruction.

By December 2020, the Commission decided to move forward with approximately 70.9 million MOP of funds raised in the first phase, while considering negotiating with the Bank of China on the loans offered to complete the project. Did.

“In the process, the communities involved fled and denied responsibility. And finally, the owners raised money to solve the problem and the project was completed at the end of last year. Recently, the contractor The owner arranged for the group to collect the keys, “said the Resident Commission.

One of the real estate owners, the TungSinTong Charitable Society, has also advanced 25 million MOPs to rebuild some of the buildings that belong to the association.

The property was rebuilt along with the original floor plan on the same site, about 30 stories, 144 apartments, 48 ​​parking spaces, and a store on the ground floor, and the committee was set up by almost every homeowner. I noticed that I received the key.

The Building Residents Committee also thanked the SAR Government for its support of the Macau Social Enterprise Development Association and other community groups during the trials.

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