Labor politicians Nicole Sea and Kenneth Foo have recently been busy listening to Singaporean issues during these difficult times and working on the ground.

Residents told Shi, who returned to East Coast activity only this month after giving birth to her second daughter earlier this year, about raising the GST, which WP opposes because it burdens many Singaporeans.

“”For those who are already struggling to put food on the table, such an increase can make difficult choices such as whether the family can even afford a tray of eggs, “she said on Facebook recently. I am writing in the post.

Mr. Fu seemed to have had a conversation with two women hit him. He learned about the “pruning” that businesses do to “eliminate workers who have reached retirement age.”

“Both decided to continue working despite reaching retirement age, but felt that employers could abuse retirement age to drive away older workers who could still contribute,” he added.

GST hiking

While she has no control over external factors affecting food supply and prices, such as the Ukrainian war and the Covid pandemic, how difficult it is for low-income households to raise the imminent GST from 7% to 9%. I am writing about what will happen.

But she added: The timing of GST hikes during this extraordinary inflation period and the gradual rollout over the next few years may also contribute to unintended knock-on effects as prices rise in anticipation of each hike and absorb costs. ..

This means that many Singaporeans may feel that this pinch is getting worse, and Copio’s daily cup as a morning routine may change lavishly over time. “

“I can’t keep an eye on the struggles of many, raising the issue of hiking timing this season that Singaporeans are experiencing,” she wrote.


Fu wrote that he only learned about “pruning” last weekend while talking to two women, Catherine and Evelyn, who had reached retirement age at Bedok Block 216 Hawker in Singapore. Center on weekends.

Women told Fu that one way employers abuse retirement age is to sign contracts on an annual renewal basis. They felt that this was “unfair, but we had to accept it.”

Foo also wrote in his post that WP Chair Sylvia Lim (Aljunied GRC) asked Congress if it was necessary to set a mandatory retirement age.

I also raised Mr. Lim Four points to support the elimination of the prescribed minimum retirement age and reemployment age..

“The Workers Party will continue to defend workers’ rights to ensure fair and equitable treatment of the workforce,” he added. / TISG

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