[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

Hundreds of beautiful people dressed up in white, incredible DJs, great bars, and great food from head to toe. This was Glow Bermuda!

On Sunday night I headed to the carnival’s first real holiday on a Bermuda weekend, and Glow was a great first stop. Definitely one of the best weekend events and my expectations were high. And to be honest, they met.

Let’s talk about how it went.

After arriving at Queen Elizabeth Park and checking in [the venue for Glow]There were a lot of people walking around with a silver gray goose goblet. I immediately went to find a professional vodka, ordered a drink and gladly grabbed my beautiful cup.

Next was food. Around the park were several food stations serving charuma, paella, quinoa salad, roti and rice, curry chicken pea and chicken tikka masala, corn soup, and specialty ginger bread. Once the food was in, it was time to start the party.

Unfortunately, it started to rain at the same time I wanted to dance. Thankfully, it didn’t last long.

Just before 9pm, I went out in front of the stage to enjoy the end of the DJ Chub set. But the party started when Patrick the Hypeman and DJ Jester went on stage. Patrick was easily the best of what he was doing, and alongside the clown Jaglin, it was great.

The pair started with a little Bob Marley, sweet reggae, a dancehall and moved to Soca. They made the crowd dance and sing all the time. It was really a magical set.

I have to say that there are a lot of MC / Hypeman and Patrick is really one of the best. The way he works on stage and turns the crowd is a great talent.

Following Road Hype, Tony X was an interesting choice, starting with Whitney Houston and some old school R & Bs. It was completely unexpected, but it was still very good!

Of course, they got hooked on Soca and a little dancehall to keep the party going. It was certainly an atmosphere.

I left shortly after heading to the other white party of the night, Pure, but not before thanking organizer Marilyn Eve for such a great event. Her team does a great job every year and this year’s event was top notch.

If you miss this year’s Glow, it’s highly recommended that you get one as soon as next year’s ticket is available. Even better, get a cabana for your crew! You will regret missing it again.

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