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I’ve been covering events since I was 19, but I’m rarely shocked or surprised. Well, it changed a big time early Monday morning in pure Bermuda. I attended the event hoping to have a great time, and I got much more than I negotiated.

Pure was held under a large tent at the National Sports Center with Belmudian and International DJs, along with two international soca artists, Kira and Olatungi. His antique on stage was pretty legendary and I was a big fan of Grenada Soka and I didn’t have the chance to see him perform live, so I was very excited to see Mr. Kira.

When I participated in Glow and went to Pure, it was a full-scale event. My favorite DJ Rusty G entertained the audience on stage and killed as usual. Bermuda soca artist Firewayne went on stage to play his hit “Full Stop” minutes after I arrived.

It was amazing to see a Belmudian artist playing a hit at the carnival on stage. Wayne’s presence on stage was great and all the dancers were singing together. This was a big moment for Bermuda.

Trinidad artist Olatungi took the next stage and performed several songs, including the 2015 hits “Oh Yay,” “Winning Good,” and “Ola.” The presence on stage was great and the audience seemed to enjoy his performance.

International DJs Young Chow and Spin Citi were next to us to entertain and entertain us. Chow has been to Bermuda many times since 2010, bringing energy every time. His energy was 100 all the time, until he jumped on stage and in the crowd.

Finally, it’s time for Kira to go on stage. When announced, he danced across the stage with very high energy. I’ve never seen anything like that and it was a lot of fun. I’ve always wanted to dance, so it was really hard to shoot.

Pure party gif22022

He played his hits including “Pepa Wine” [one of my faves], “Oil It”, was a really very interesting artist who danced and encouraged to dance all the time talking to the crowd. Kira smiled, danced, laughed, ran down the stage, and just killed it.

The show really started when he invited a girl from the crowd to the stage to compete in the championship. This was the predecessor of his very popular hit “Rolly Polly”. The winner was a bigger girl and I have to say it was incredible. Then he signed Mr. Kira by dancing with the girl as he sang his hit.

Before we move on, we must say that the show could end after this segment and we all felt it was worth the money and left. But no, Mr. Kira wasn’t over yet. When the girl gets off the stage, that’s when the real antique begins.

If you know Soca, you know the song “Run Wid It” that won the Soca Monarch in Trinidad in 2019. This is a smash of a very popular song today, Kira’s song. The lyrics are as follows.

Tell me to pick up something, something
Rum tells me to grab something, something
I want to pick up anything
See how i grab something
Rum tells me
Run and run

As soon as the hook starts, you are supposed to pick up something and literally start running on it.Well, the victim of alcohol before he started singing it [COA] The crew picked up the girl, put it on what looked like an air bed, carried it in front of the stage, ran off the stage, jumped on the mattress, and pleased Kira, who was carried throughout the party. It was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

I was very excited and I am very grateful that I kept awake to witness such a spectacular performance.

A loud cry goes to my friend Rowan [Wild Apache] And his team participated in such a wonderful event. It was a movie!

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