Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are the best earbuds ever. So far Samsung has always been either very good audio (like the previous Buds Pro) or very good fit (Buds Live) but rarely both at the same time.

price: €239

Strong Points: Great fit, great audio and noise canceling

Cons: Multipoint device switching not as good as rivals


The Buds 2 Pro come close to a perfect set of earbuds with noise canceling capabilities. They sound great and have excellent active noise cancellation (ANC), which is very important for his two features in front. It also has some useful extra software features, including long battery life, a pocket-friendly pill-sized charging box, and a very sport-oriented level (IPX7) of water and moisture resistance. they are not perfect. Its multipoint technology doesn’t work as well or is as convenient as competing devices. Tsubomi’s high-definition audio technology also requires access to a device or account that most people don’t have (and never will). No matter how good the buds are, €239 is still a pretty premium price.


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro come in three different colors

But overall, these are excellent. Definitely among the two or three best buds you can buy on the market today.

The basic sound quality of the Buds 2 Pro is top notch as the buds go. The 10mm woofer and 5.3mm tweeter should give you clear, crisp audio and undistorted bass.

Like many other buds today, the Buds 2 Pro have touch controls on the outside of the bud for normal purposes (call and audio control). Luckily, these can be turned off in the included Samsung Wearable app.

The app has some easy-to-use controls, including a handy Find My Earbuds setting. This will cause the earbuds to make a pinging sound if you wonder where you put them.

For those with Samsung phones (but only for those users), there are a few features such as 360 Audio, a virtual surround sound feature with “head tracking” that’s a bit like Apple’s “spatial audio.” It has nice extra features.


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro fit snugly

The small pill case can be wirelessly charged, including all phones with dual wireless charging capabilities.

There’s also a “neck stretch reminder” feature that lets you know if you’ve been slouching in an ergonomically unhealthy way for too long.

The only real downside I experienced was its multipoint switching feature, which didn’t work for me. It creeps up on many premium earbuds and headphones. This is one of the most compelling features of Google’s recently launched Pixel Buds Pro, a direct competitor to these buds. Samsung says you can do this across devices signed into your Samsung account, but in my experience it’s not easily done. It didn’t automatically switch between my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and my work iPad Pro or MacBook Air M2 even though I was “signed in” to my Samsung account on both devices. Samsung could be aiming for a more seamless multi-point he switching experience between these earbuds and devices that are all made by Samsung.

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