The government has issued a request for proposal [RFP] For electronic monitoring programs.

The notice states: “The Bermuda government seeks to expand and maintain programs to monitor, control and change criminal behavior, with community protection as a primary consideration. GPS monitoring includes electronic bracelets. [device] Attached to criminals, considered to require intensive surveillance, and / or have restrictions on their movements.

“The government uses state-of-the-art equipment to make this program effective and efficient because they have mechanisms to stay in the community, drive behavioral change and minimize risk to the community. We seek reliable partnerships with proposers to manage, maintain and monitor.

“The Ministry of Justice and the Constitutional Amendment Electronic Monitoring Program currently consist of GPS / cellular tracking devices deployed to criminals who fall into one of the following groups: a]pre-trial monitoring or b]post-trial monitoring. Monitoring [during community-based supervision].. The government seeks to maintain the services of qualified, well-qualified, locally or internationally based companies that specialize in providing criminal surveillance hardware.

“Proposers need to leverage existing government-wide technology associated with the proposed electronic monitoring program to provide full” system “costs and optional product costs during the first three-year contract. there is.

“Cost is an important consideration, but product reliability and performance. Customer service and support. Staff knowledge and qualifications; company financial stability; local interests in Bermuda are also a system proposed by the government. It is important to select the priority supporters of. “

See the government website for more information.

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