Bermuda Insurance Company and Reinsurance Company Association [ABIR] Karan Richardson, a 16-year-old Bermuda College and Berkeley graduate, named ABIR / Arch Scholar, and Cedar Bridge and Bermuda College graduate Miguel Simas announced two new scholarships that earned them an ABIR / Renaissance ReScholarship.

A spokeswoman said, “Bermuda Insurance Company and Reinsurance Company Association. [ABIR] Today, we announce two new scholarships offered in collaboration with member companies Arch Capital Group Ltd. and Renaissance ReHoldings Ltd. to assist Bermuda students through undergraduate courses at one of the world’s most prestigious risk management schools. To do.

“The first ABIR scholars are ABIR / Arch scholar Kallan Richardson, who graduated from Bermuda College in 2022, and Miguel Simas, an ABIR / Renaissance Re scholar. Important prizes are Maurice R. Greenberg Risk Management Insurance and Insurance at St. John’s University. Funds a two-year tuition fee at Bermuda College. [GSRM] In New York.

Marc Grandisson, Chief Executive Officer of Arch Capital Group and Chair of ABIR. Kevin O’Donnell, CEO of Kallan Richardson, ABIR / Arch Scholar; Miguel Simas, ABIR / RenaissanceRe Scholar; RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd., and former Chairman of ABIR

“The scholarship is the latest achievement of a strategic partnership between ABIR, the University of Bermuda and the University of St. Johns, offering basic reinsurance courses at the University of Bermuda in 2021 and 2022 with major insurance companies in Bermuda. The reinsurance company offers dozens of internships.

“The purpose of the partnership is to strengthen the pipeline of local talent to the reinsurance industry and attract future Bermuda leaders with diverse backgrounds.

“16-year-old Callan completed a two-year insurance mathematical science program at Bermuda College with a GPA of 3.5. As a double-registered student, he also graduated from the Berkeley Institute. In the fall, St. John’s University GSRM Transfer to a high-level position to obtain a bachelor’s degree in insurance mathematics.

“Kalan is an intern at Arch and has experience working directly with actuaries. This opportunity was given to students including Kallan at Bermuda College in January this year by Arch Capital CEO and ABIR Chairman Marc Grandisson. I was born after talking to him. “

He states: “I connected with Mark and he invited me to breakfast. He was very friendly and friendly and really interested in my career goals, from which I was able to join Arch. I started working part-time in March and started working full-time after completing the course in May.

“I want to be an actuary. I’m intrigued by the mathematical strength of my work. Thanks to Arch’s support. This gives me a great opportunity to prepare for my future career. I at Bermuda College. The experience was ready to go to a prestigious university at an early age. “

A spokeswoman said: “CedarBridge Academy graduate Miguel, 19, graduated from Bermuda College’s business administration program with a cumulative GPA of 3.5. After spending a summer intern in the reinsurance industry, he worked with Risk Management at St. John’s University. Learn insurance.

Miguel Shimas said: “This scholarship allows me to go to a dream school. It made all the difference to me. RenaissanceRe believes in me, invests in my future and I go to St. Johns. I am really grateful that I chose to enable.

“Bermuda is a global reinsurance / insurance hub, so as a student growing up here, I was interested in exploring the industry and seeing if I had a way. I found that there was, and RenRe’s investment in me would make it possible to take a risk management route. My ultimate goal is to be an underwriter. “

Marc Grandisson, Chief Executive Officer of the Arch Capital Group and Chair of ABIR, said: He was selected as one of the first ABIR scholars and is proud that Arch will support his education at St. John’s University. “

Kevin O’Donnell, CEO of RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. and former Chairman of ABIR, said: Miguel deserves the first ABIR / Renaissance Re Scholarship Award and demonstrates the qualities required of future leaders. I hope he will be well in the next phase of his academic journey. “

Karan and Miguel will be awarded a scholarship at a reception hosted by ABIR on Tuesday night. Guests include 58 internships working for ABIR member companies this summer, reinsurance executives, Bermuda College, University of St. John’s, and representatives of the Bermuda Government.

Dr. Philis Curtis Tweed, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Students at Bermuda College, said: We welcome the new ABIR scholarships that will help them and future graduates of Bermuda College on their continuing education journey. A symbiotic partnership with ABIR helps combine education and opportunity to unleash the potential of many young Bermudas. “

Dr. Mark Brown, faculty chair at the Greenberg Risk Management School at St. John’s University, said: The Greenberg Risk Management School at Johns University is pleased to partner with ABIR and Bermuda College to promote education in Bermuda, a future leader in Bermuda’s international insurance and reinsurance sector. “

John Huff, President and Chief Executive Officer of ABIR, said: ABIR’s strategic partnership with Bermuda College and St. John’s University has already paid off in attracting Belmdians from diverse backgrounds to the reinsurance industry, in line with its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusiveness. I’m out. “

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