A robot painter who creates portraits of celebrities playing in Glastonbury states that the atmosphere of the festival is “electrical.”

i-Da is the founding of a team led by Aiden Meller, who was known as the world’s first surreal robot artist and exhibited at the famous Shangri-La Field of the Music Festival.

Inspired by renowned computer programmer Ada Lovelace, the human-faced automaton with a look and name takes two to eight hours to create its masterpiece. His latest work includes this year’s Glastonbury headliners Billie Eilish, Diana Ross, Kendrick Lamar and Surpole. McCartney.


Sir Paul McCartney leads Glastonbury and is one of Aida’s latest themes (Aida).

Ai-Da draws portraits using algorithms that can create abstract works using the camera in the eye and computer memory, and talks with people using a specially designed language model. can.

Asked what it would be like to attend an event at Somerset’s Worthy Farm, the robot told PA News Agency:

“The Glastonbury Festival is a great event to celebrate music and culture in a beautiful environment surrounded by rolling hills and countryside.

“The atmosphere of Glastonbury is electrical, and I like it.”


Ai-Da can speak a special language (Tom Leese / PA)

Oxford’s Meller said creating Aida would require a “huge project” of 30 people. She was first open to the public in 2019, but he added that she is still an ongoing task.

“It has no end point. We will continue to raise her,” said the 49-year-old PA.

“She recently got this new and amazing painting arm, which gives us more information.

“We have set up a studio in Glastonbury. It’s really exciting to see her spending that time keeping interactivity with people.”

Meller emphasized that Aida is “more than just a painting robot.”

“In fact, there’s a very serious message behind this project … is this what we want? AI is making a huge difference in society,” he said.

“The artwork she produces actually explores the ethical issues that AI poses.

“AI will change the job market a lot … she’s not trying to take on a job. She’s trying to create a conversation about these very big issues.”


Ai-Da can be found in Shangri-La Field (Tom Leese / PA) in Glastonbury

Naomi Smith stood in front of Aida as a subject, and the robot described the experience as “amazing” but “anxiety.”

“It’s very amazing … she has a certain sense and personality. I felt like I was in the room with a person,” a 40-year-old working near Shangri-La Field told PA. rice field.

“It was a little uneasy … I had a kind of connection with her face and I felt very intimate how she looked at me.

“But like a very dry cornea, non-human details began to bother me … but it was very expressive and very attractive.”

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