The standing ovation welcomed Sir Rod Stewart, Van Morrison and Paloma Faith, who led the star-studded lineup at a charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Thousands of people gathered at a world-famous venue in central London to host a Raise the Roof fundraising concert on Wednesday night hosted by charity Prostate Cancer UK and musician Jools Holland (64), who was diagnosed with the disease in 2014. did.

The Netherlands, who played on the piano with the Rhythm & Blues Orchestra throughout the show, accompanied all the musicians’ sets.


Jools Holland will perform at Raise the Roof. (PA / Susan Moore)

Starring Olly Alexander, Celeste, Melanie C, Paul Weller, Ruby Turner, and Chris Difford, each played one or two covers.

In a dark purple gown, Celeste performed as powerful as Ray Charles’s “Falling or Sunny”, while Paloma Faith wore a silver and gold dress that reached the floor.・ Cheers during the production of James’s “Somethings Gut a Hold”. to me.

Omid Djalili, Harry Hill, Steven K. Amos, Shaparak Corsandy, and Gina Yashere, the comedy talents, make jokes about everything from their obsession with dogs to their life with their 82-year-old dad in lockdown. Made me laugh.


Harry Hill will appear at the event. (PA / Susan Moore)

Meanwhile, the Netherlands and Sir Rod in silver suits unveiled a new song from their swing album.

Maggie May’s singer danced across the stage and performed the choral lyrics of “Sun and Flowers”.

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Comedian Steven K Amos will appear at the event. (PA / Susan Moore)

Sir Rod, who had previously fought his own illness and flew from California for the event, told the audience:

“You may or may not have had that horrific illness. Without a great wife, a gorgeous family, and a great doctor, you wouldn’t be here tonight.”


Jools Holland will co-star with Paloma Faith. (PA / Susan Moore)

The singer later joked about the costume Van Morrison wore during his set. It included green aviator sunglasses and a baby blue suit with a matching trilby hat.

Sir Rod said: “A special applause for the proceedings of Lady Van Morrison, ladies and gentlemen.”

“I always sing and warm up. Did you talk to you lately? But I’m not doing it because he’s in the dressing room next door. Well done, Van.”


Van Morrison wore a baby blue suit and aviator sunglasses. (PA / Susan Moore)

Sir Rod then said, “What else do I have to say, Jules?” Before adding: “I love you.”

The Netherlands replied, “I love you too,” before talking about how they met each other through their love for model railroads.

The Netherlands repeatedly thanked the performers for their support during the show, saying, “I would like to thank all the artists from all over the world who came here tonight.”


Celeste plays “whether it’s raining or sunny”. (PA / Susan Moore)

He told the audience between the performances: “I would like to say thank you very much for coming tonight, but I really want to thank all the artists.

“They came because they and their family were somehow affected, or because they were my dear friends and wanted to help with this.”

Mel C also thanked the audience: “This sadly affects many of us, and we are impressed with these terrible things in our lives.”

Then she asked the Netherlands on the piano. Shall we go back in time? Isn’t it a little spicy? “

The audience all barked when Mel C began singing the Spice Girls song. Who do you think you are?


Melanie C sang “Who do you think you are?” (PA / Susan Moore)

Olly Alexander also danced out of the audience, singing Stevie Wonder’s signature, sealed, delivered, I belong to you.

After finishing the song, he laughed and raised the towel on his face. “Then I’m going to tap myself, I’m sorry.”

Funding from Rays the Roof, also organized by Prostate Cancer UK founder Professor Jonathan Waxman, finds a better testing approach to prostate cancer and one that can be used for screening programs across the UK. Directed to helping research, charities said earlier.

In March of this year, the Netherlands told PA News Agency about her diagnosis in 2014 and was diagnosed after regular blood tests, revealing that she had no symptoms at the time.


Olly Alexander will perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London in a fundraiser for Raise the Roof hosted by Jools Holland. (PA / Susan Moore)

“It’s really important for men to be aware of the facts of prostate cancer and understand their risks,” he added.

Sir Rod also fought the disease and was completely cleared in 2019 after being diagnosed two years ago.

A singer who previously recommended increasing the number of men at risk of talking to the GP said before the concert: Go to the doctor. “

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