Rose Ayling-Ellis talks about her experience as a hearing-impaired actress and her life in the television industry as a young person with a disability when giving a talk on Alternative MacTaggart at the Edinburgh Television Festival.

The 27-year-old deaf, he was announced as a candidate for this year to provide speeches that provide a platform for a variety of voices in the television industry.

She found fame starring Frankie Ruiz at the BBC Thorpe EastEnders and became the first hearing-impaired to participate in the Strictly Come Dancing she won.

The actress said: “We are very excited to offer this year’s Alternative Mac Taggart lecture.

“It is an honor to be able to use my platform to raise awareness and understanding of the Deaf community.

“It is very important to continue talking about the reality facing people with disabilities in the industry. I am very pleased to have been given the opportunity to address these important issues in this year’s lecture.”

Thorpe Star is a pioneer in the Deaf community, including a campaign to recognize British Sign Language (BSL) as the official language passed by the House of Lords last month.

She also recently became the first celebrity to sign the bedtime story of CBeebies and won the BaftaTV Awards Must-See Moment Award for her silent dance routine with her professional partner Giovanni Pernice.


Actor Brian Cox talks about playing Media King Logan Roy in the hit HBO drama Succession Succession (Jane Barlow, PA).

Today’s video

The alternative Mac Taggart lecture was previously given by actress and presenter Jameela Jamil, former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, and American television host Jerry Springer.

Elsewhere in the Edinburgh Television Festival, Scottish actor Brian Cox discusses his career in a detailed interview and explores how media tycoon Logan Roy played in the hit HBO drama Succession.

He also shares his thoughts on US vs. British drama, identity, and the background of his working class.

Dolly Alderton, writer of the memoir Everything I Know About Love, released as a series on the BBC this week, talks with comedian and writer Rose Matafeo, who created the TV comedy series Starstruck.

They discuss the creative process of bringing their work to a small screen and share their experiences of life on television and beyond.

The Masterclass thread will feature the cast and team behind Netflix’s hit LGBTQ + series Heartstopper, BBC comedy ghosts, and Disney + drama wedding season.


Kit Connor is “powered” by so many queer people who are proud of themselves to the Netflix series of Heartstopper sets (Netflix / PA)

The festival will also interview creative content chiefs such as broadcasters and streaming platforms.

Stewart Clark, the festival’s creative director, said:

“Rose Ailing Ellis offers a groundbreaking alternative MacTaggart to discuss the cast of the most exciting and beloved shows on television, and of course, Brian Cox like no other, and urgent industry issues. There’s a session, and that’s just the beginning, and there’s more to come. “

– The Edinburgh International Television Festival will be held from August 24th to 26th in the Scottish capital as a face-to-face event led by advisory chairman Afua Hirsch.

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