From left, Chief Officer Jennifer Ahern, Head of Department for Sustainability and Climate Resiliency, Communications Specialist Hannah Reed, Senior Policy Advisor (Energy) Kristen Smith, Prime Minister and Minister for Sustainability and Climate Resiliency. G. Wayne Panton, HE Governor Martin Roper, Troy Jacob, Acting Deputy Chief Officer, Department of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency, and Patrick Schmidt and Monica Ramguite, Rotary Middle Cayman Islands Representatives.

Grand Cayman – The Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resilience was pleased to accept a generous donation of CI$20,000 from Rotary Central in the Cayman Islands to help plant trees for the Jubilee Initiative.

The majority of the funds donated will facilitate the purchase of native, endemic and fruit trees for donations to constituencies, schools and non-profits throughout Grand Cayman. A small portion of the funds will be used to procure landscaping services to support reforestation, native plant rescue and transplant efforts, as well as a limited amount for a commemorative plaque of 70 mahogany trees planted as part of the initiative. will be used.

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