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Tenants of historic homes on Emerald Hill Road are said to be throwing rowdy parties that last into the early morning hours, upsetting residents in the area.

Furthermore, a domestic helper who works at a home near the serviced apartment in question even claims to have seen the couple having sex one night at a party last month.

This apartment is located at 81 Emerald Hill Road and is owned and rented by a company called Hmlet.

According to the property’s website, there are 2 and 5 bedroom furnished apartments at 81 Emerald Hill Road. Hmlet offers short and long term rentals in the form of corporate serviced apartments.

But at least one of the renters seems to enjoy parties so much that the unit they live in is said to have hosted 100 guests for one such party, according to crowdsourced news. The site Stomp reports.

These festivities have reportedly been going on for some time, even when restrictions were put in place due to the Covid pandemic.

At least two police complaints were filed by neighbors regarding “zouk” parties.

One helper, who did not give her name, said the riotous party on July 22 kept her awake.

Around 4am, she woke up because she heard moaning outside her back door.

Later she saw a couple engaging in sexual activity.

“No one wants to see someone having sex in front of their door, so I turned the lights on,” the 39-year-old helper told Stomp.

Police say they responded to a call about noise pollution that night and did not see any obscene behavior.

Stomp also quotes a 50-year-old business consultant who said at a party: It far exceeded the capacity limit. ”

“The whole neighborhood is very angry about this. This kind of meanness isn’t very good and doesn’t bring about proper culture…it’s like a brothel,” she added.

“They don’t care. There is no manager, no one in charge. Usually rentals have people in charge, but no one here. If this happens at 3am, who do you call?” I don’t even know what to do. I think we need to put strict checks and managers in place.”

Additionally, some of the neighbors Stomp spoke with said they were hesitant to speak to the residents of the unit without bringing in the police because partygoers were “drunk and aggressive” during the revelry. rice field.

“One Saturday night, January 30, 2021, I asked them to pay their respects and they yelled at me and laughed at me.

We really couldn’t sleep and our son was only 2 so we called the police. /TISG

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