Court records show that a couple of celebrities, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, got married in Las Vegas this weekend, 18 years after their first romance failed.

The couple tied a knot on Saturday, according to a marriage license filed by AFP in Clark County, Nevada.

It lists the maritalists as Affleck, Benjamin Geza and Lopez, Jennifer, and gives the latter “new name” as Affleck, Jennifer.

The pair (he is 49 and she is 52) first met in 2002 on the set of the widely panned movie “Gigli”.

They created a media sensation as they dated, but postponed the planned 2003 marriage and announced that their relationship had ended in early 2004.

“Bennifer” -the official nickname of the couple from their first highly publicized relationship-ignited the internet last year when their photos began to circulate again.

Lopez and Affleck announced their engagement in April.

Lopez posted in her newsletter “On The JLo” her video, which looks emotional and praises the green ring. US media reported that the ring was an emerald-cut pale green diamond.

This is Lopez’s fourth marriage and Affleck’s second marriage.

Lopez discussed her new relationship with Affleck in an interview with People in February.

“It was a beautiful love story that gave me a second chance,” she said.

Lopez was previously married to actor Ojaninoa, dancer Cris Judd, and singer Marc Anthony. She shares Aimer with her 14-year-old twin Max.

Affleck is married to actress Jennifer Garner, who are parents of Violet (16), Serafina (13) and Samuel (10).

TMZ, a gossip news agency, said it was “at first glance inseparable” since the couple went back together to buy a house and sometimes brought their children.

According to TMS, Lopez’s car was seen outside the huge mansion in Beverly Hills last month, with several moving trucks outside, and even in today’s homes.

During the wedding, TMZ described it as follows:

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