Johnny Bainesu beat England to New Zealand in five wickets as the home team won the series for the first time since January 2021 on the final day of their second test at Trent Bridge on Tuesday.

England chased 299, thanks to the incredible raw power from Captain Ben Stokes, who hit 136 out of just 92 balls and 75 undefeated.

Bainesu slightly missed England’s fastest test 100, stealing 77 balls and reaching three numbers. This is one more than Gilbert Jessop, who won 76 balltons against Australia in 1902.

With this victory, England took a 2-0 lead in a three-game series after winning five wickets in their first test at Rose.

Nottingham’s capacity crowd was treated with an amazing series of brutal blows from Bairstow who hit 14 4 and 7 6 to keep New Zealand embarrassed.

“It was good (fun), wasn’t it?” Said 32-year-old Yorkshire Man. “When you have yourself, you just have to spend your capital.

“I always said that if I needed 160 in the last session, I would get myself back to get it.

“We know we dropped three or four wickets, but we were brave enough to take on the biggest challenge and took it straight from the corner.”

Delighted Stokes said in his second match as England’s full-time test skipper:

“When he has those eyes, you aren’t stopping him. You keep him going and do what he needs to do.”

After chasing 277 goals to win the first test, thanks to Joe Root’s 115 not coming out, Bainesu also fell to 56-3 at some point with Root returning to the dressing room. Regardless, England has guaranteed to enjoy another successful final day chase.

With tea, all four results are still possible, and England needed another 160 runs, leaving six wickets.

However, Stokes-backed sensational Bainsu destroyed a world test champion who had not been serviced by injured paceman Kyle Jamison.

This was the most successful final run chase in the test at Trentbridge, surpassing the 284 previous record set by England for New Zealand in 2004.

England, who won the test only once in 17 times before this series, gained momentum under Stokes and new coach Brendon McCallum after a miserable spell that included 4-0 ashes humility. increase.

Their desire for relentlessly positive and aggressive cricket has been accepted by England and is about to wipe out the series in the final test in Headingley starting June 23rd.

Inspired by Daryl Mitchell’s 190, New Zealand’s victory was even more striking as Stokes won 553 in the first inning after choosing the bowl first.

-Bainsu’s onslaught-

England rescued the captain by scoring 539 points in the first inning, 176 points for former captain Route and 145 points for ProLiant Pope.

After bowling the kiwi at 284 in the first session of the final day, the homeside seized the opportunity in a stunning style. Mitchell scored the top score with an undefeated 62, and the last man, Trent Boult, added a useful 17.

It remained difficult to summon the results early in the homeside innings, but then Bainesu reached 50 from 51 balls after unleashing Matt Henry’s boundaries.

With six hits on the vault on the next over, Bainesu was pushing England’s charge as he missed 42 from the first 16 balls in the evening session.

The onslaught continued, Bainesu hit the vault two more six more, and the shell-shocked visitors competed for a phenomenal century, with no answer.

Stokes suffered from a knee injury, but after a visit by a physiotherapist, he smashed four more and continued to blow up.

As the New Zealand bowler lost his plot, Bainesu continued to attack at the other end, but missed England’s fastest century after two defensive strokes.

When Bainesu finally set out for a noisy standing ovation after being caught off the coast of Vault, England was almost home, inspired by his breathtaking performance.

New Zealand captain Tom Latham said, “I put on Johnny’s hat. It’s their way out after tea robs the game.”

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