FINA announced on Friday that it will begin its investigation after Canadian swimmer Mary Sophie Harvey claims to have taken the drug without her knowledge at the end of the last World Championships.

A 22-year-old Canadian said on Wednesday in her Instagram account that she took medicine on the last night of the tournament in Budapest at the end of June.

In a press release sent to AFP, FINA said it was “deeply concerned” about the swimmer’s “happiness” and added that it was in contact with the Canadian Federation and the Hungarian Organizing Committee.

“In 2021, FINA will adopt a wide range of measures aimed at protecting athletes and independent investigators will be assigned to further investigate the matter,” the federation said.

Harvey, along with the Canadian team’s manager and doctor, claims to have suffered a “dozen bruise” on her body and woke up “totally lost” the day after the last night of the world.

She celebrated the end of the night’s tournament in a “reasonable” way, but says she can’t remember anything after that.

“There is a four to six hour time frame that I can’t remember one thing,” she wrote.

“I’ve heard from people little by little, and I’ve also experienced judgment.”

The swimmer, who posted a photo of the injury, added that he was “embarrassed.”

She also suffered from rib sprains and mild concussion.

“I’m still scared to think about the unknown that night,” she wrote.

“They told me that things happen more often than we think, and in a way I was lucky.”

In Budapest World, Harvey won a bronze medal with his teammates in a 4x200m relay.

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