Golden State coach Steve Kerr pays homage to Stephen Curry’s “breathtaking” contribution after the Golden State Warriors star brought Boston a series-level victory at the NBA Finals on Sunday.

Curry led the Warriors by scoring 29 points in a 107-88 blowout.

The 34-year-old two-time NBAM VP scored best in the third quarter as the Warriors beat Boston 35-14.

Curry contributed 14 points to the onslaught in the third quarter. He also made an important contribution to the Steel Warriors’ defensive display, which closed Boston’s score.

“Steph took a breather that quarter,” Warriors coach Carr later said.

“Not just shotmaking, but defensive efforts. He doesn’t have enough credit for his level of conditioning, physique and defense.

“People know how important he is to us aggressively, so they go to him to wear him.”

The 6-foot-2-inch (1.88m), weighing about 185-pound (84kg) curry has been criticized as “too small” for the NBA, despite establishing itself as one of the greatest players in history. Often faced with.

Kerr said his physique had evolved since Curry arrived in the Golden State.

“The difference between Steph’s strength and physique is much more dramatic than it was eight years ago when I first came here,” Kerr said. “He’s amazing. He’s been working on his games, his strength, his conditioning year after year, and it’s a pleasure to see him play every night.”

Curry says his attitude influenced his success as much as his physical condition.

“Clearly useful is the physical development that took place over time, which took a lot of work,” Curry said.

“But after all, from my rookie year to now, it has always been an element of effort and mere care … if you work hard, good things will happen, and you will continue to get better. Probably.

“It has always been a point of emphasis. Now it’s just right.”

Golden State Warriors General Draymond Green said Curry did not have enough credit for his defensive strength.

“We’ve been talking about how much he’s improved on that side of the ball over the last few years,” Green said.

“The team was trying to get him into every action, just picking him out.

“That doesn’t work anymore. He sits and guards. If you need help, we’re all behind him. But he’s not needed that often. That’s great. is.

“I talked about how strong he is. You can’t hit him out of his place because he can hold his position, and that’s a big deal for us. I I’m not shocked that he has that type of defense. He’s been doing it for the last few years. “

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