To promote cycling as a climate-friendly mode of transportation, the couple traveled more than 7,000 kilometers towing a giant GPS bike.

Faced with the urge to fight climate change, certain people decide to recycle more or turn their thermostats down more often. Others, such as Daniel Rayneau-Kirkhope and Arianna Casiraghi, choose to devote more time to drawing attention to this issue.

A British-Italian couple recently took their dog on a 7,242 km bike trip across seven European countries to encourage cycling. To achieve this goal, they designed the route so that the gigantic bike appeared on his GPS map.

Both left their jobs as physicists to undertake carefully planned to Guardian On their way back to Piedmont, the couple said they hoped their work would draw attention to the seriousness of the climate crisis and encourage more people to consider cycling instead of driving. I was.

Aside from its contribution to climate action, the bike trip also scored three rather niche world records. The largest GPS image ever made, the largest GPS image ever made with the help of a bicycle, and the largest bicycle ever drawn.

There were many points in the journey that didn’t seem to end well. The couple first started in the summer of 2019, but had to take a break after Casiraghi, 40, suffered a knee injury. I was forced to stop working again soon because I couldn’t do it. The goal of completion in March 2020 was abandoned because the pandemic created too many metaphorical obstacles.

“The fact that we can see the final result on the map is a huge comfort,” declared Mrs. Casiraghi. “We encountered so many obstacles. When we started, we wondered if we could finish without disappointing people…. Therefore, we I am happy to have completed the trip.”

France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Rayneau-Kirkhope, 35, assembled the bike himself. One of them features a basket in front that Zora the dog traveled with. “She loved Cargo her bike and she was happy to get on and off,” she says Rayneau-Kirkhope.

Traversing France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg on a perfect GPS bike couldn’t be easier. The first route was supposed to pass through Charles de Gaulle Airport, but fortunately the image is small but large enough to allow for the necessary detour.

The final image is spread over a distance of 900 kilometers on the virtual map.

“When people see this image, I want them to be reminded that there might be a more frequently used bike standing somewhere, especially for short trips,” Casiraghi explained.

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