Hardik Pandya was pleased to help fill Jasprit Bumrah’s “very big shoes” after starring in both bats and balls when India conquered England.

Backspasm meant that strike bowler Bumura was excluded from Sunday’s third round and decided to make a one-day international at Old Trafford.

However, after the replacement Mohammed Shiraji rocked England with the double wicket maiden in the first over, medium-paced Hardik won the ODI Best 4-24 as the host was fired at 259.

28-year-old Hardik followed up with a fine of 71 and reshuffled 133 decisive partnerships with 19 overs after India collapsed to 72-4 in the face of another wonderful new ball spell by Reese Topry. I shared it with.

The victory was completed with a margin of over 7 overs and brought India a 2-1 series success after winning the previous Twenty20 campaign against world champion England with over 50 on the same scoreline. ..

“Contributing in all divisions is always special,” a Hardik series player told reporters.

Hardik’s excellent 55-ball innings included 10 forces, and India ended up shy about the victory, but the pants brought them home thanks to the wonderful 125, the maiden ODI 100 of the wicket keeper.

“Whenever the team is in trouble, I want to play this way,” said 24-year-old left-handed pants, who have already been tested in the 5th century.

-‘Fearless Reshab’-

Hardik added: “Everyone knows what talent he (pants) has. When it comes out, it’s so much fun in the eyes. Your heart beats up, but at the same time you’re in awe of his kind of shots. I have a reminder. I will play. “

Looking at bowling, Hardik said:

“He was telling me that I might have to bowl a few overs when I die, I said they are” very big shoes to fill “.

“I had to step up, not when I died, but by making sure I got a breakthrough in the middle over.”

This was India’s first international match at Old Trafford after suffering New Zealand in the 2019 World Cup semi-finals.

But with India performing next year’s edition and the Twenty20 World Cup in Australia in October before that, Hardik’s focus is firmly on his future, starting with his next series in the West Indies. I was focusing on it.

“The past is the past, and the Manchester semi-finals are gone,” he said.

“Nothing can be changed and cricket has no revenge. To be honest, it doesn’t matter. It was important for us how to move forward from here.

“England has been great in the last few years. Everyone thought England was one of the best teams in the world. It’s more important to come here, perform and win.”

England captain Jos Buttler scored the host’s top score at 60, but when rival Groveman rolled 18, he missed the chance to cut down his pants and was rude.

“Give a good player a second chance and they’re likely to hurt you,” Butler said. “Reshab is a fearless player and the perfect person to see in any format.”

England will launch a three-match ODI series against South Africa on Tuesday. Butler has just recently succeeded as captain of World Cup winner Eoin Morgan and is optimistic about his experience in India.

“We haven’t played much ODI cricket lately and are regaining rhythm,” he said.

“Our ambition is to be the best team in the world, which means quickly adapting to what is in front of you.”

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