British Prime Minister Liz Truss, just two days after taking office, addressed the nation from the steps of 10 Downing Street on Thursday, shortly after the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death broke.

Here is the full text of her statement:

“We are all devastated by the news we just heard from Balmoral.

“The passing of Her Majesty the Queen is a huge shock to the country and the world.

“Queen Elizabeth II was the rock that built modern Britain.

“Our country grew and prospered under her rule.

“Britain is the great country it is today because of her.

“She ascended the throne shortly after World War II.

“She championed the development of the Commonwealth, from a small group of seven nations to a family of 56 nations across all continents of the world.

“We are now a modern, prosperous and dynamic country.

“Queen Elizabeth II, through thick and thin, gave us the stability and strength we needed.

“She is, and will always be, the British spirit.

“She is the longest reigning monarch ever.

“To preside over 70 years with such dignity and grace is an extraordinary achievement.

“Her life of service surpassed most of our living memories.

“In return, she was loved and admired by people in England and around the world.

“She has been a personal inspiration to me and many Britons. Her dedication to duty is exemplary for all of us.

“Earlier this week, she turned 96 and remained determined to carry out her duties when she appointed me as her 15th prime minister.

“She has visited over 100 countries in her lifetime and touched the lives of millions of people around the world.

“In these difficult days, we join our friends in the UK, Commonwealth and around the world as we gather to celebrate her extraordinary life.

“Today is a day of great loss, but Queen Elizabeth II left a great legacy.

“Today, the throne, as it has been for over a thousand years, will pass to a new monarch, a new head of state, King Charles III.

“The entire royal family mourns the loss of their mother.

“And as we mourn, we must come together as a people to support him.

“To help him carry on the incredible responsibility he now has for all of us.

“We offer him our loyalty and devotion, just as his mother has served many over the years.

“And as the Second Elizabethan Age passes, we enter a new era in the grand history of a great nation. by chanting words. “

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