Israeli occupation and discrimination against Palestinians are the main causes of the endless cycle of violence, UN investigators said Tuesday, urging angry Israeli protests.

Last year, a high-level investigative team appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate “all the underlying causes” of decades of conflict turned head-on to Israel.

“Ending Israeli occupation of land continues to be essential to ending a sustained cycle of violence,” they said in a report, providing sufficient evidence that Israel is “unintentional.” Blame.

The 18-page report focuses primarily on assessing a long line of past UN investigations, reports, and judgments on the situation, and how and how those findings were implemented. I’m guessing.

The recommendations of previous reports were “overwhelmingly directed at Israel,” said Navi Pilei, a former UN rights officer in South Africa, in a statement.

She said this is “asymmetry of conflict and an indicator of the reality of one nation occupying the other.”

Investigators also determined that these recommendations were “overwhelmingly unimplemented,” not only calling for accountability for Israeli violations of international law, but also “nothing” to Israel by Palestinian armed groups. “Discriminatory rocket launch” was also pointed out.

“This lack of implementation, coupled with clear evidence that Israel has no intention of ending the occupation, and permanent discrimination against Palestinians at the heart of the systematic recurrence of violations in both the occupied Palestinian territories , Including East Jerusalem and Israel. “

– ‘Witch Hunt’ –

Israel refused to work with the Investigation Commission (COI), which was established last year following the 11-day Hamas-Israel war in May 2021, killing 260 Palestinians and 13 on the Israeli side.

Israel has loudly criticized Pirei for “defending the anti-Israeli agenda” in the past, and on Tuesday the Githabul Ministry accused the entire investigation of “witch hunting.”

The report was “one-sided” and “contaminated by hatred of Israel and is based on a long series of previous one-sided and biased reports.”

It was published as “a result of the extreme anti-Israeli bias of the Human Rights Council,” he said.

Israel’s strong ally, the United States, who rejoined the council under President Joe Biden after Donald Trump withdrew from the body, “firmly” opposes the COI’s “unrestricted and vaguely defined nature.” He repeatedly stated that he was doing it.

“The existence of this COI in its current form is a continuation of the long-standing pattern of unfairly isolating Israel,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement.

In Geneva, dozens of Israeli reserves and students (some dressed as Palestinian Hamas militants) marched outside UN headquarters on Tuesday.

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, who heads the Israeli NGO Shurat Hadin, who organized the protest, accused the Rights Council of being “the most anti-Semitic organization in the world.”

Israel and its allies have long blamed the United Nations’ supreme power group for anti-Israeli prejudice. Above all, Israel is the only country that is systematically discussed by all regular councils and has its own special agenda.

COI, the highest level of investigation that the council can order, is the ninth investigation ordered for infringement in the Palestinian Territory.

However, this is the first mission to investigate the systematic abuse committed in Israel, the first free investigation, and the first mission to investigate the “root cause” of the conflicts that have been drawn.

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