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RTL Today – Recorded in Czech Republic: Formula racing car spins on public road


A driver was caught on camera driving on a Czech highway in a formula racing car.

It’s rare to see a driver directly comparing a formula racing car to a regular vehicle on public roads. On Sunday, a video of just such an event was shared on social media, where he quickly garnered more than 3.3 million views.

Sources later revealed that the scene was filmed on highway D4 between Przybram and Dobrzysz in the Czech Republic. It also apparently wasn’t the first time the driver in question spun in a formula car.

According to Auto Live Magazine, the driver was already spotted on public roads in 2018 and 2019. This car was initially mistaken for his F1 car but in fact he is classified as F2 he is the 2008 Dallara GP2.

The person who filmed the video shows the racing car escaped police custody, but local authorities say they have identified a suspect, who has so far denied any connection to the incident. .

The driver has been fined €400 and is at risk of losing his license for one year.

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