South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol, who is battling record-low approval ratings just three months into office, said Wednesday he would not dwell on dismal poll numbers.

Since taking office in May, Yoon’s approval rating has been low at 24%, and at a press conference to mark his 100th day in office, he said he would reflect on what he did wrong.

But “a humble consideration of the public opinion reflected in the polls is more important than sticking to the numbers themselves,” he told reporters.

A lifelong prosecutor with no experience in an elected office, Yoon made what analysts describe as a series of unforced mistakes during his first months in the office. Had made.

Polls data show that his predecessor Moon Jae-in had around 70% approval ratings at the same stage in his term, while Yoon had 52% in polls saying he did a good job. I started working thinking that

Criticism of his team has been ringing incessantly in the local media, but a poll showed Yoon said Wednesday he was not planning any major personnel changes to try to appease angry voters.

“Personnel changes should be implemented carefully, not to turn around for political purposes…approval (evaluation),” he said, adding that he wanted people to give his administration more time. rice field.

In a recent blunder, his office released a photo of Yoon in a basement apartment in Seoul where three people died in floods last week, with the caption, “People’s safety is our top priority.”

The image was widely denounced as an insensitive PR stunt to politicize the tragedy. His office later removed it from his social media pages.

He has also been criticized for mishandling U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s high-profile visit to South Korea after a controversial trip to Taiwan.

His cabinet appointments have been plagued by dropouts and resignations, and his decision to move out of the presidential office has made him the subject of ridicule online.

“The polls generally show people don’t think Yoon is the president,” political commentator Shin Jang-sik told AFP.

“His words are far from what was needed. People will see his speech today as showing that he has no intention of changing course.”

– North Korea Aid –

After taking office, Yoon vowed to take a tough stance against North Korea, but on Wednesday he did not support regime change by force and announced a major threat to North Korea if Kim Jong Un gave up its nuclear weapons. He said he was ready to provide assistance.

Analysts say North Korea is unlikely to accept such an offer — keep the missiles away.

Asked if Kim would consider acquiring nuclear weapons if he does not abandon his nuclear program, Yoon said, “I support the principle of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons to the end.”

North Korea has conducted a record-breaking weapons test this year and is widely believed to be preparing for another nuclear test.

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