The teenage prince won the first title and the veteran swimming queen regained the throne in the first two finals of the World Championships in Budapest on Monday.

17-year-old Romanian David Popovich won the men’s 200m freestyle title in 1’43.21 seconds to break the world junior record set in qualifying.

“My goal was to go as fast as possible,” he said.

Katie Ledecky, who regained the 1,500m women’s freestyle title, said she finished nearly 15 seconds earlier than her closest chase, and her approach was similar.

“I had a good one. The goal was just to fix the pace,” she said.

In the women’s 100m backstroke final, Regan Smith of the United States edging Canada’s Kyliemouth to maintain the title.

Popovich overhauled Olympic champion Tom Dean on his third 50m lap.

“It was a strong rap, that’s all I can say,” said a young man from Bucharest.

“The plan was not so fast, but going out fast, but I think I can surprise myself.”

Another teenager, 19-year-old South Korean Hwang Sun Woo, grabbed second. Dean held up third.

“I was on for a decent time,” Dean said.

“It’s not easy to see him in front. You have to give it to him, 1:43: 2, bloody hell, but that’s the case for this tournament, and it’s impossible until it’s completed. Seems impossible, and these young people seem to be doing that much. “

Popovich became the first Romanian to win a gold medal in the world.

“I had the most fun during the race because I told myself on the last lap,” This is the biggest race I’ve ever had and I want to make it memorable for me and everyone else, “he said. rice field.

His time has been the fourth fastest in the history of the event and the second fastest after Michael Phelps since the streamlined suit was banned in 2009.

His swimming was also faster than another swimming legend, Ian Thorpe’s best career time in Australia.

“It’s an honor and a great pleasure to be compared to Ian Thorpe,” Popovich said.

“I just met him two days ago. He said that if I win a gold medal, I’m going to win a gold medal, so I think I’ll see him soon. Michael Phelps (inspiration) says: Will be for other children. “

Ledecky touched in in 15 minutes 30.15 seconds. His fellow American Katie Grimes finished 14.81 seconds behind Australia’s Lani Pallister at 18.81.

She had won the 1500m world title three times in a row before withdrawing from the 2019 final in Gwangju, South Korea due to illness. She rebounded to win her gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Ledecky, who won the first major championship gold at the 2012 London Olympics, is a good old era by long-distance swimming standards, but is 11 years younger than Christel Coblitch of Chile, who is 8th at the age of 25.

“When I was 36, I wouldn’t do this,” Ledecky said.

Smith won his last world title, but was third at last year’s Olympics.

She took full advantage of the absence of Tokyo’s gold medalist Cary Makiown of Australia and took revenge on silver medalist Masse of Canada.

Smith finished 0.18 seconds earlier than Masse.

American Claire Curzan continued her evening fashion by finishing in 3rd place for a 17-year-old medalist.

“I knew it would be a really tight field, and it would really hurt towards the end,” Smith said.

“I had the best time in three years, but tonight it’s about the place, not the time.”

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