The United States held Chile 22-21 on Saturday in the first leg of Thailand’s roller coaster in the 2023 Rugby World Cup qualifying.

At Estadio Santa Laura, both teams made many mistakes in the rain and the pitch became muddy. The light broke down in the second half, and the game stopped for about 10 minutes in the second half.

In the end, the more experienced and disciplined United States won in the attempt of Christian Dier, Joe Taufeteer, and Capelli Piferti. Veteran captain AJ MacGinty contributed to two conversions and a penalty goal.

Chile is about to reach the Rugby World Cup for the first time, but the United States missed South Africa in 1995.

“It was a very tough match. The field and conditions made it more complicated,” said Chilean captain Martin Sigren.

“But we’re relaxed. It’s a 160-minute match,” he added, adding a chance for the United States to turn the table in Round 2 next Saturday in the suburbs of Denver.

The two-legged total winner will secure a spot in Pool D of the World Cup, alongside England, Argentina, Japan and Samoa.

Losers will be able to reach France 2023 via the final qualifying tournament later this year.

The U.S. took control early on as Dier tried to cross the line in the corner where McGinty led 7-0 in the 5th minute as Chile was struggling to maintain order in a disadvantaged situation. ..

Roth Condres continued to put pressure on him with two penalties from Santiago Bidera, slicing the lead to 7-6 and standing half-time.

However, Taufete’e beat the US driving mall 12-6 in the 44th minute after Videla received a yellow card with a deliberate knock-on.

Chile responded on the 51st with an impressive attempt from Rodrigo Fernandez. Rodrigo Fernandez sprinted in an attempt to slice the deficit to 12-11, losing eight opponents.

A few minutes later, Bidera took the lead in Chile for the first time in the contest with a third penalty.

When power was cut off, US bids to regain leads were temporarily hampered, sinking the field into the dark for about 10 minutes.

However, when play resumed, McGinty’s penalty regained the lead, and McGinty’s converted Piffelty’s 73-minute try pushed the Eagles advantage to 22-14.

Videla will add another attempt on the 78th and transform it to narrow the margins and increase the chances of Chile’s return leg.

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