It’s not embarrassing to poke around the toilet bowl before flushing it. In fact, it should be actively encouraged, Charlottetede Vreeze-Nauta writes.

I was reading about some of the weirdest things we all do in secret. One of them is to look at the toilet after the second task is done. It is human nature. We can’t help ourselves and love to see the results of “work” in the bathroom.

We all do it. Even if you’re reading this and you think you’re not, you know you’re just lying to yourself. Moreover, it’s good to do that. Checking your feces has health benefits.

But in our Western society, it is becoming more and more difficult to admire the outcome of defecation. This has to do with the vast minority role played by plateau toilets compared to the arrogant and ubiquitous plateauless toilets.

But first, it may be necessary to explain what a plateau toilet is. I asked an American friend what the English word for it was, and she didn’t know. She had never seen one of them before coming to Europe.

Plateau or not

The plateau toilet has a plateau where your feces land-surprise, surprise. Only when you rinse it rinses the bottom filled with water in the pot. Toilets that are not plateaus do not have this feature. Since there is only water in the bottom of the pot, the poop will land directly there.

This plateau-free bowl has its advantages. Your number 2 will land directly on the water, so you won’t have the opportunity to smell as much as when you land at the “observation point”.

Also, when men stand and pee, the risk of their urine bouncing off the plateau to the toilet seat or floor is much higher than when they pee in deeper non-plateau pots.

These are good reasons for most people to buy a plateau-free toilet. On average, only 5% -7% of all toilets offered have a plateau. Yes, I looked it up.

Therefore, you will think this is a better purchase, as the majority buy plateau-free toilet bowls.

Well, I strongly disagree.

As I said, it is our essence that we want to marvel at our work. This is a fact. I haven’t made this up. Whether it’s a glorious moment, a moment of relief, or a moment of curiosity, our instinct wants us to “see the mountains.”

And the fact that it’s getting harder and harder is just shit. why? Because it is important to examine our excrement.

One is to find the lost “valuables”. I know this is not a daily activity, but many people swallow something unexpected in their lives. The disappeared one can only be recovered by scrutinizing the feces.

For example, my mother poked my poop twice. Because she once swallowed a button from her dress. It’s not a standard button, and my mother is a perfectionist, so I wanted to put the same button back in order to repair her dress. She poked my poop a second time because I swallowed her deciduous teeth and she wanted it as a souvenir for her. It’s very sweet, but maybe a little extra.

But what’s not superfluous is the medical reason to check your stool. Our gut health plays a major role in defining our overall health. And the best way to check your bowel health is to check your poop.

For example, blood stains in the stool. They can be innocent. Maybe you ate too little fiber, so you just pushed very hard. Hard stools can lead to hemorrhoids, yeah, they can bleed. But it may not be so innocent, so if you find blood second, check it out.

And if your feces are very dark and almost black, it could simply be the result of taking an iron supplement or eating blackcurrant. But that may also mean that you have internal bleeding. Again, the reason for calling a doctor.

This stool test can save you from very serious health problems if detected and treated early enough.

But the problem is that in today’s plateauless toilet bowls, there is no way to monitor fertilizer. How do you find blood or check the color of junk, even if it’s already submerged in the water at the bottom of the bowl or disappears?

And for the census (55-75 bowel health check), it also causes problems. To hometest intestinal quality, you need access to poop. If it sinks to the bottom of the toilet, it will be a little difficult to follow the instructions that come with the home test. The only way to do that is in the toilet or potty chair. However, the older you get, the more important this home test becomes. However, the older you get, the harder it is to crouch down and get up in the bathroom. Ironically, what about?

Ergo, you may not like it. You may not be excited about stinks or extra cleaning required. But for good health (and to admire your work), put yourself in the plateau toilet.

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