Katinka Hossou is celebrating the final day of the World Championship with veteran women fighting back and roaring from a crowd scattered on Saturday morning, winning a heat in a personal medley of 400 women. rice field.

Hoss overtook Tokyo champion Yui Ohashi to raise the heat, but remained in fifth place overall in qualifying.

However, the 15-year-old Canadian Summer Macintosh set the fastest time at 4:36, followed by the 16-year-old American Katie Grimes, who was a teenager.

Hosszu broke the world record set at the 2016 Olympics by about 13 seconds, exactly 3 seconds behind Macintosh.

Hungary’s 33-year-old Iron Lady, who failed to win a medal at last year’s Olympics, gathered relay bronze in Budapest, bringing the total to 96 at the Olympics and long-distance and short-course world and European championships.

A week of breakout performances by teens, Macintosh and two 17-year-old Romanian freestylers David Popovic and Italian breaststroke Benedetta Pilat all won gold medals.

But on Friday, two veteran women added money to carry their huge medals.

28-year-old Swedish Sarah Sjoström has won four straight victories in the female 50-meter butterfly.

Just an hour later, long-distance swimming veteran Katie Ledecky won a record five consecutive 800m world titles and a 23rd world championship medal.

Sjoström is back in the seven finals last night, winning his 20th World Championship medal in the 50m freestyle.

She finished second in qualifying, just over 10 minutes after the butterfly’s victory, and raced after Paul Catarrhinawasik. Australia’s 20-year-old Meg Harris came in third.

Pilate tries to end his 25-year-old Lilly King’s reign as a world champion in a 50m breaststroke for a woman who is already a world record holder.

Americans have a mixed championship. She dominated the recent Olympics and the 100m breaststroke in the world, but she finished fourth after Pilate. After that, King won the 200m breaststroke for the first time in the major championship.

The Macintosh-Hoss showdown is the final individual final of the tournament, ensuring that Hungarians will be seated in the arena where Hoss won both medleys in the 2017 Championship.

The competition ends with two 100 medley relays.

Olympic champion Australia has passed the fastest qualifying in the women’s race. The Swede with Sjostrom swimming in his legs was the third. The American, defending champion, and his world record holder are in seventh place.

The United States broke through the men’s qualifying without defending the strongest quartet.

-‘Young blood’-

Australian breaststroke gold medalist Zac Stubblety Cook described the number of new stars appearing in Budapest.

“The year after the Olympics feels a little different,” said a 23-year-old woman. “Young blood is flowing.”

The decision to support FINA’s partially depleted finances was made one year after one Olympics, two times before the next Olympics in Paris, and even years just a few weeks before the Commonwealth Games. Meaning to add.

The star’s name was included among the victims because the championship was long and health was a recurring theme.

American star Caeleb Dressel has quit the tournament for medical reasons. Four-time world champion Chad Le Clos of South Africa has blamed breathing problems after bronchitis. He warmed up and got entangled with another swimmer.

Lani Parister, showing impressive honesty, failed to compete in the women’s 800m freestyle final in 2nd place in qualifying.

Australians feel sick and have no chance of winning a medal when they test for Covid and get a positive result.

American artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez was rescued by coach Andrea Fuentes, who fainted at the end of the routine, sank to the bottom of the pool, and lifted an unconscious athlete to the surface.

Americans attended Alvarez at the team tournament on Friday, but FINA convened a meeting of doctors and staff and decided that Alvarez should not compete.

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