Australia’s Mollie O’Callaghan overcame the “panic” and continued to surge teen medalists in Budapest, becoming the youngest female 100-meter freestyle world champion in more than 30 years on Thursday.

Two American veterans, Lilly King for women’s 200m breaststroke and Ryan Murphy for men’s 200m backstroke, then grounded before the end of the night when American men won the men’s 200m freestyle relay. I won a gold medal.

Australian Zac Stubblety Cook, who had a men’s 200m breaststroke, said there was a reason this was a youthful competition.

“The year after the Olympics feels a little different,” said a 23-year-old woman. “Young blood is flowing.”

He pointed out at his event that “the last two of us from the Olympics were tonight.”

18-year-old O’Callahan collected individual gold in these championships, following Romania’s 17-year-old David Popovich, Italy’s Benedetta Pilat, and 15-year-old Canada’s Summer McIntosh.

O’Callahan surpassed 28-year-old world record holder Sarah Sjoström in Sweden by 0.13 seconds. Torihasuke of America took the bronze.

At the age of 18 and 82, O’Callahan became the youngest 100m freestyle winner since 1991, when Nicole Haislett of the United States won the title at the age of 18 and 22.

O’Callahan said he was suffering from pre-race nerves.

“It’s the worst in history,” she said.

“I panicked in bed, had a slight cramp in my legs, felt dizzy, felt sick, and started to panic, but I knew my teammates were there … like that. I think the stuff cheered me up for the race. “

King, who dominated the 50m and 100m breaststrokes, won his first gold medal at the longest breaststroke distance of 200m.

“I’m really happy to be able to complete the set. I think I’m a long-distance swimmer now,” King said.


Murphy finished a long streak of dull-colored medals when he won the men’s 200m backstroke.

Since winning two Olympic gold medals in Rio in 2016, Americans have won six silver and two bronze medals at major world championships, including a 100m backstroke silver medal in Budapest.

Murphy won 1: 54.52, 0.64 seconds ahead of Briton Luke Green Bank, and another American, Shane Casas, was third.

Murphy, 26, is one of the veterans of the American team.

“It’s a really cool feeling,” he said.

“Looking back at 2014, when I was the youngest member of the team, it’s cool to think that I’m in a position to lead young men now.

“Eight years from now, someone else will lead the team. They will probably look back on some of the things I did to help them.”

Olympic champion and world record holder Stubble Ticook came from the end after the first lap to win the men’s 200m breaststroke.

The Dutchman Caspar Corbeau started at a world record pace, but came in with Sableti Cook, Hanaguruma Yu and Eric Partion, who were declining and saving energy behind them.

The Australian won 2: 07.07. This is 1.31 seconds ahead of the Japanese and Swedes who won the silver medal.

“35 meters later, I wondered,’Oh, did you overdo this?'” Said Stubbleticook. “I knew they were going out really fast, so I just wanted to hold them and stick with them.”

On Friday, the pace will be faster with six finals.

It is up to the two to decide who will inherit the title owned by Caeleb Dressel.

In the 100m butterfly that Dressel won in the last two world championships and the Tokyo Olympics, Hungarian star Christoph Milak, who dominates the 200m fly, comfortably and fastest qualifying. He seems to be set to cause delirium in what he calls “my pool” when he upgrades from his habitual silver at shorter distances.

In the 50m freestyle, the image is cloudy. Brazilian Bruno Fratus, second only to Dressel in the last two world championships, finished eighth in the semi-finals on Thursday and was eliminated by swimming by French Maxim Gourse.

Briton Benjamin Proud passed the qualifying fastest.

Katie Ledecky is ready to win the women’s record of 21 World Championship medals in her 800m freestyle.

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