Russian Vladimir Putin administration television proponents argued that the country should attack England with nuclear missiles, but not Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales.

Prime Minister Vladimir Solobyov said Russia should avoid attacking Northern Ireland with the country’s Satan 2 rocket, arguing that United Ireland would soon exist at the “request” of US President Joe Biden.

In May, host of the state-run Russia-1 channel, Solobyov boasted that Russia’s hypersonic Sarmat missile nuclear weapons could destroy Britain in seconds, saying, “One Sarmat is minus one Britain. Means. “

In his latest statement, the presenter said that only Britain would face the wrath of an intercontinental ballistic missile at 15,880 mph when challenged whether it would take only one warhead to destroy Britain. ..

“I will not touch Scotland. Scotland will be independent,” Solobyov replied.

“Wales has been quiet so far. Wales will also be independent. And at the request of Byden, Northern Ireland will unite with Ireland.

“The Union Jack is over.”

Personally decorated by Putin, Solobyov accused the British government and the head of the British army, Admiral Tony Radakin, as “an arrogant, ignorant, illiterate starter who can do nothing but steal.”

“Listen to the British and wake up. The only reason there are no Egyptian pyramids in the British Museum is that they couldn’t be physically stolen.

“You stole everything.

“Admiral Tony Radakin, what admiral are you? What have you achieved? When did your British weapon defeat someone?

“Who and where did you defeat the Admiral?

They were completely lost.And they are giving us a lecture on the country [we can destroy with] One Sarmat. “

The latest explosion occurs in a series of threats to Britain and Ireland delivered on Russian state television in the months following the invasion of Ukraine.

In April, Russian state television aired a simulation of a nuclear attack destroying Ireland and the United Kingdom.

At that time, Irish Prime Minister Miche├íl Martin accused the staging, labeled the act “intimidating” and urged Russian television or “the instigator” to apologize.

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