Ryanair has withdrawn the requirement for South African passengers to prove their nationality before traveling by completing tests in Afrikaans, CEO Michael O’Reilly said the policy has rebounded among South Africans. Said after causing.

The South African government said last week that it was surprised by the low-cost carrier’s decision to call the move a “backward profiling system” and force travelers to the UK with national passports to take the test.

Afrikaans is spoken by only 12% of the 58 million people in the country and is often associated with apartheid and white minority domination.

O’Leary, who does not operate flights to and from South Africa but carries more passengers across Europe than anyone else, described the South African government’s profiling charges as “garbage” but tested. Said it was discontinued.

“The South African government has admitted that there is a problem with a huge number of counterfeit or counterfeit South African passports,” said O’because of the surge in counterfeit South African passports on routes between Turkey. Leary said at a press conference in Brussels. And Ireland.

“Our team tested 12 simple questions in Afrikaans, such as the names of the mountains outside Pretoria. It’s not difficult to complete, but I don’t think it’s appropriate either. The Afrikaans test is over. “It doesn’t make sense. “

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