Ryanair has stopped negotiations with two Spanish unions over salary increases under the threat that airline crew members may strike in several European countries during the summer season.

The Spanish trade union USO and STCPLA said in a joint statement that the threat of a strike by the European Union indicates a lack of commitment to dialogue, and the airline has left the talks on Tuesday.

They accused Ryanair of acting maliciously and said they tried to return to the negotiating table.

Ryanair did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

Seven unions in Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium and Spain issued a statement in May, and Ryan Air’s flight attendants in these countries “meaningful response” to airlines’ demands for better working conditions. We warned that we could start a strike this summer if we didn’t provide.

Nearly 200,000 European aviation staff have become redundant, and the struggle within the industry to regain staff to respond to the recovery of overseas travel spans hours with passengers canceling flights at airports across the continent. The security queue means that you have faced confusion.

Pilots and flight attendants from airlines such as Ryan Air and easyJet said in a statement: “Any salary cuts, non-payment on sick days, the company’s Federation of Italian Transport Workers (FILT) and Italian Transport Workers Union (UILT) Among them, he refused to grant summer vacation and the crew lacked water and food. “

A UILT spokeswoman said on Wednesday that about 360 flights were canceled, affecting more than 4,000 passengers.

This is just the beginning of a series of protests that “hot” the summer, a spokesman said.

Passengers across Europe have tolerated this week’s delays and cancellations as airlines and airports struggle to deal with travel rebounds at the beginning of the summer season.

The threat comes as airlines want to recover from the effects of the pandemic this summer.

Michael O’Leary, Group CEO of Ryanair, said that summer bookings in May were very strong, with load factors gradually rising to 94-95% from June to August, effectively pre-Covid. Said to reach the level of.

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