Ryanair cabin staff in Portugal and Italy are planning a strike in late June, Reuters reports.

NPVAC, a union of Portuguese civil aviation personnel, said workers would leave on June 24th, 25th and 26th, demanding better working conditions.

“This mobilization is not only an opportunity to spotlight multiple attacks on the dignity of workers and inform them of this reality, but also a moment of unity and solidarity with the dumping,” the union said.

Meanwhile, in Italy, Unions FILT-CGIL and UIL Trusporti said Ryanair staff and crew called for a 24-hour strike on June 25, calling for improved wages and conditions.

The news is that a union representing some of Ryanair’s cabin staff in Spain will strike from June 24th to 26th and June 30th to July 2nd following a wage dispute. After announcing that.

The number of flights and destinations that may not be threatened and may be affected is unknown, but the peak holiday season has skyrocketed and travelers are already worried about airport delays.

Ryanair said SNPVAC was less than 3% of Portuguese flight attendants and did not anticipate widespread turmoil this summer.

“Ryanair has negotiated a collective bargaining agreement for 90% of people across Europe,” said a spokesman.

“For the last few months, we’ve been negotiating improvements to these agreements as we progress through Covid’s recovery phase. These negotiations are on track and we don’t expect widespread turmoil this summer.

“In Portugal, in 2021, we signed a collective bargaining agreement for the cabin crew with the STTAMP union (Cindy Katodo Strabal Hadresdos Transport de Portugal), the largest and most representative union of the cabin crew in Ryanair, Portugal. did.

“Last month, we signed an extension of this CLA, which is currently underway until 2026, bringing improvements to Portuguese-based flight attendants and strengthening Ryanair’s flight attendant welfare efforts. increase.

“The recent announcement by the SNPVAC union is distracting because the agreement could not be reached after three years of negotiations, and their strike call is not supported by the Portuguese crew.”

Following a threat following the cancellation of flights to Italy and France after an air traffic controller strike last week, Ryanair’s Spanish trade union said it could coordinate actions elsewhere in Europe. rice field.

The Italian trade union said it also expected a suspension in France and Belgium.

Ryanair’s French cabin crew also went on strike on Sunday and Monday, demanding improvements in wages and working conditions, Reuters reported, adding that more than 40 flights had to be cancelled.

-This story has been updated to reflect development.

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