Singapore-Singapore Army (SAF) regular female students stalked in uniform and recorded videos of at least 28 skirts between September and October 2020.

On Tuesday (July 12), 30-year-old Poh Yu Jian was found guilty of committing a voyeur and was imprisoned for 20 weeks.

He filmed at least 13 girls, caught them in places such as fictitious bridges near the school, and recorded the victims at the foot of the stairs.

Each video was about 1 minute long, but the longest video was 5 minutes, shot when stalking a girl at Buona Vista MRT station.

He got out of hand with a 15-year-old girl who saw her filming on an escalator at an MRT station.

Courts have heard that Poe has been suspended from his duties at the SAF as a military medical expert and may face dismissal after his proceedings.

Deputy Prosecutor Lim told the court that Po had recorded videos of more than 28 skirts of at least 13 girls on at least 13 separate occasions without their consent.

He shot them in the hope of seeing their private part, DPP said.

The crime was committed at an MRT station, along an overhead bridge, or on a double-decker bus, and Poe targeted a girl in uniform.

Each time he trailed them tightly, held his cell phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 20) at waist level, and shot the video with the camera pointing up.

On October 15, 2020, Poe found a 15-year-old girl in uniform getting off the train at MRT Stevens Station around 7:30 am.

He stalked her and stood behind her on an escalator moving upwards to shoot a video of her skirt.

While she was on the escalator, the girl felt someone brushing behind her knees and saw the accused recording a video of her skirt.

She reported the matter to the teacher who reported the matter to the police.

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