The Consumer Exhibition and the Global Bay Area Forum were held in September this year by Sands China, the state-owned Nam Kwon Group company, and the mainland commercial authorities as a practical means of “implementing national strategies” and “promoting economic development.” It will be held jointly. regional”.

The Hengqin Global Bay Area Forum will be held in the Cooperation Zone from September 7th to 8th, and the China (Macau) High Quality Consumption Exhibition (CHCE) will be held from the Four Seasons at the Venetian Macao Cotai Expo and Shops. September 9th to 11th.

The forum will focus on key GBA topics such as “GBA’s quality lifestyle,” cross-border e-commerce, and “zone political benefits.”

It also covers some topics related to post-pandemic economic and industrial development, such as science and technology innovation, finance, accommodation, “big health”, sports and leisure, cultural tourism, and the MICE industry.

Consumer exhibitions, on the other hand, are “different from other large exhibitions” in terms of business model because they integrate both “B2C (business-to-business)” and “B2B (business-to-business)” marketing models. “. Wilfred Wong Ying Wai, CEO of Sands China, said at a press conference today (Thursday) to enable consumers to trade directly in the field.

The CEO also emphasized that visitors will continue to maintain stable consumption levels of luxury goods in Macau, as sales of luxury goods in Sands actually exceed pre-pandemic levels.

“CHCE’s” One Event, Two Places “approach covers many aspects closely related to quality of life, such as clothing, food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment, MICE worldwide. This is the first approach for the industry. CHCE believes that it will encourage more Macau companies to enter the GBA market and help Macau integrate well into the country’s overall development and lay the foundation for Macau’s economic recovery in the post-pandemic era. I am. “

Song Xiao Dong, Vice President of NamKwong Group, will also use CHCE to strengthen cooperation between mainland enterprises and SAR’s industrial and commercial sectors, and the “MICE +” platform effect will help restore and diversify the region’s economy. Emphasized to contribute. ..

According to a press release, the event was launched to “execute the important instructions of President West” on the development of Hengqin in collaboration with Guangdong Province and Macau, and “significant development” of “one country, two systems”. Further implementation and development of cooperation zones according to state instructions.

The outline of the development plan of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the master plan of the development of Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone of Hengqin are both GBA’s “International Premium Quality Consumer Expo”. Establishing the World Gulf Regional Forum, a platform for conventions and exhibitions that affect the world, “” Establishing a high-quality imported consumer products trading center, an industry for trading high-quality consumer goods. Supporting Guangdong and Macau cooperation to build an ecosystem. “

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