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So far, the pilot strike at SAS has cost the company up to SEK 1.3 billion, which is equivalent to NOK 1.26 billion.

SAS said in a press release Thursday that more than 2,550 flights were canceled, affecting more than 270,000 passengers.

The cost of the strike is SEK 100-130 million per day, which is equivalent to SEK 100-1.3 billion so far.

“We must reach an agreement and end the strike as soon as possible,” said SAS CEO Anko van der Werff.

He also said that if the company successfully implements the rescue package SAS Forward, the solution needs to be accepted by those who have expressed their desire to support SAS.

The strike also threatens SAS’s legal action in the United States, where the company seeks to ensure bankruptcy protection.

“Strikes jeopardize the implementation of the process in Chapter 11 and ultimately the survival of the company,” Vander Werff said.

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