Race 1
Always innocent (7 days / $ 14)

Race 2
SUPER EXTREME (1st / $ 283)
When asked about performance improvements, trainer Alwin Tan said the addition of blinkers and what he believed to be an inferior field led to performance improvements.
In paying attention to his explanation, Steward advised that Super Extreme found the shape and that the consistency of gelation would be monitored.

Race 4
Battle for victory (9th / $ 50)
Jockey Troy See reported that the horse was not roaming freely.
No abnormalities were found on veterinary examination.

Auspicious day (last day / $ 27)
When asked, apprentice jockey Jerlyn Seow couldn’t give a concrete explanation, saying that the gelding went well until it was straight.
After the first reaction when riding, the auspicious day weakened in the final stages. Seow said he pulled it up and he felt that the gelding wasn’t popping out freely.
The veterinarian did not report any anomalies.

ATLANTEAN (1st / $ 52)
When asked about improving performance, trainer Tan felt that a short period of fresh-up and blinker removal benefited from gelling.
He added that Atlantis benefited from being able to run in the middle of the track.
His explanation was noticeable.

Race 5
Gold City (Final / $ 82)

Race 7
Tangible (8th / $ 29)
When asked, Jockey Oscar Chavez said it was his intention to attempt to settle in the midfield.
But after being severely interfered with by the barrier, he found himself behind. Instead of moving the mount forward, he wants to gradually improve and get cover.
But when he couldn’t get the cover, he had to race extensively throughout and rushed over the mount over the 800m mark.
Later, when Relentless shifted out for improvement, Tangible was more widely carried on the home turn.
Chavez said that when asked straight, the gelding did not react and could not run.

Race 8
LORD OF CLOUD (8th / $ 87)
Jockey Koh Teck Huat reported that the horse was not walking freely.
A veterinary examination revealed that the horse had previously become lame, showed signs of respiratory illness, and showed partial anhidrosis (lack of sweating).

EUNOS AVE THREE (final / $ 69)
Before, and with anhidrosis, returned lame.

Broadway success (7 days / $ 49)
When asked about Gelding’s return to the field, Saw said he intended to move forward.
However, when her mount shifted in with a jump and made contact with Royalty, she had to grab the mount and try to come back. This allowed Buuraq to cross and move forward.
She added that when the Galaxy Star and the Star Empire moved forward from the inside, they felt the tempo was too strong to put the mount forward, so they chose to shift in and get the cover.
Her explanation was written.

Race 9
Buddy Buddy (8th / $ 22)
When asked, Jockey’s Benny Woodworth said he was able to get a good position on the covered rails from the wide barriers.
His mount moved well until straight and then ran towards the line at a very one pace.
He said his mount wasn’t suitable for heavy weights (59kg) and would appreciate a slightly softer lace surface.
Veterinarians reported that Buddy Buddy showed signs of dyspnea.

Sunday (last / $ 33)
When asked, Chavez said his mount settled near the rear, which is his usual racing pattern, but was underridden on the midstage to maintain his position. When he was asked to hurry from the 600m point, the gelding did not react.
He was interested in the movement of the horse on the straight, so he didn’t embark on the line.

ZESTFUL (11th / $ 99)
Jockey A’isisuhairi Kasim reported that the horse was not walking freely. Veterinary examination showed no abnormalities.

Race 10
KERMAJACK (Last / $ 175)
Returned as a roar.

Race 12
SAHABAT (last / $ 53)
Veterinary examination revealed that the horse showed signs of dyspnea.

DR KARDO (1st / $ 115)
When asked about improving performance, trainer James Peters said on two starts that the gelding had no luck to hold up and couldn’t run the final 200m clear. At his last start, the horse was not suitable for extremely wet tracks.
He added that gelding benefited from Saturday’s fast, fast tempo. This allowed the gelation to proceed straight and well.
His explanation was noticeable.

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