Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, takes a break to meditate before shaking the stormbreaker. Photo: Jasin Borland. © Marvel Studios 2022. All rights reserved.

Thor: Love and Thunder It’s one of the most entertaining movies of the year.

It’s a good combination of nostalgia from the 1990s and all sorts of nostalgia, whether born in the 70’s, 80’s, or later.

Remember Blood sports And Jean-Claude Van Damme are splitting? If so, you will explode with this kind of humor.

Jokes, especially Chris Hemsworth’s confident and ironic performance as Thor, are the ingredients of this superhero cocktail.

And the light dances with the darkness. Christian Bale Gore raises her hair!

Natalie Portman is astounding as Dr. Jane Foster, or Mighty Thor. She brings a solid and romantic taste to this 4th. A work by Taika Waititi. Execution time: 119 minutes. Thor: Love and Thunder I’m currently in the cinema.

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