Singapore-SBS Transit Downtown Line CEO was fined $ 4,000 for failing to properly monitor while driving a car last February, and was unable to drive for five years, resulting in a motorcycle crash.

Rider Hashim Hussein, 75, and his pillion Sparia Saramat, 69, were both injured, the latter suffering multiple fractures.

On Monday (June 13th), 63-year-old Alex Goei Beng Guan was found guilty and seriously injured for driving the vehicle without reasonable consideration of other road users.

According to the SBS Transit website, Goei joined the company in 1985 and is currently responsible for the operation and support of the railway.

The court heard that around noon on February 5, last year, he was driving along Woodlands Road towards the Klange Expressway Slip Road in the direction of the Bukit Tima Expressway.

The weather was fine at that time and the roads were dry.

“But during the merger, the accused failed to properly monitor and give way to traffic, which caused the car and motorcycle to collide,” said Theo Shiu Min, deputy prosecutor. Stated.

The collision was captured by Goei’s dashcam, and footage played in court showed that the car was filtering the slip road without stopping.

The two-wheeled vehicle approached from the right and collided with a car parked on the side of the road immediately after the collision.

DPP Theo said Goei got out of the car and called an ambulance and waited for the victims to be taken to the hospital until they arrived.

Mr. Hashim was injured while Mr. Spalya broke his arm and dislocated his shoulder.

Goei voluntarily compensated the victims for a total of $ 15,000.

The injury was complicated as Sparia’s bones shattered in search of a fine of up to $ 5,000 and disqualification from five years of driving, the DPP said. DPP said Goei is supportive.

She added, “No dangerous driving was seen, but he neglected proper surveillance and did not slow down. He did not register the presence of the motorcycle (until the collision occurred).”

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