Scott Mills struggled to hold back tears as he closed out his final BBC Radio 1 show for the first time in 24 years by asking listeners to ‘turn on the radio’ if they feel lonely.

The DJ, who hosted the daytime show with co-presenter Chris Stark, sang One Direction’s Nighttime Show as the final track to close out Thursday’s emotional final show with the words “Love you, bye.” I chose Changes.

The 48-year-old, who has been a mainstay on Radio 1 for over 20 years, said: you.

“During that time, I came out publicly, met my best friend who was sitting across from me, went through a breakup, found love, sometimes lost it, and said hello and goodbye to my family.

“There were all the lows this show got me through and all the highs I was lucky enough to celebrate. Radio 1 was a constant through all of this.

“We’ve done so many things and last month people sent out very kind messages about what the show meant to them. The truth is we want you to know what you mean to me.” It’s all I did.

“We’re your friends. We’re not acting or performing. We’re your friends. We’re stupid and give everyone a little laugh and a little safety from the many crazy and horrible things that are going on.” Radio 1 is your companion.

In the show’s final epilogue, Mills thanked his kind and loyal co-presenter Stark. “You make me laugh every day.”

He continues:

“Thanks to each and every one of you. This show is nothing without you, your calls, messages, texts and companionship.

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“If you feel like there’s no one around, or you’re lost, or there’s nothing good around you, turn on the radio.”

Since 1998, Mills has hosted various shows on the radio station since 2018, including the official chart show on Fridays.

Stark, 35, joined Mills in 2012 as a co-presenter of the show. The pair became popular thanks to many humorous segments such as Innuendo Bingo and Fu Her Game.

The final show opened with a montage of messages from listeners, including Mills’ partner and Stark’s wife and son, and Mills was told that the BBC Radio 1 studios would be renamed after him.

Mills joked about the possibility of renaming the studio during his breakfast show with Greg James on Thursday morning. increase.

Mills said: can’t believe it. It’s amazing. Really sorry. This is the highest honor. thank you very much. ”

Stark has said, “Ironically, our first show at 82 Mills will be our last show.”

Mills’ final show kicked off with the final version of Scott Mills The Musical starring West End actor Joe Taylor and 24 Years at the Tap End with the game’s theme tune re-recorded by Bastille.

The show also featured a surprise farewell message from celebrities including Lewis Capaldi, Joel Corrie and Sam Ryder.

Actor Jason Donovan said, “Thank you for the wonderful moments over the past 24 years.”

Meanwhile, past and present Radio 1 broadcasters, including Annie Mac, Molly King and Jordan North, also sent messages to Mills.

BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Greg James said: “You inspired me to start radio and I will be forever grateful.”

The montage ended with a message from Mills’ longtime friend, American actor David Hasselhoff.

Stark’s daughter Erin joins the pair in the show’s final Banger segment, not talking about Mills’ choice of Bruno from Disney’s Enchantment.

Mills, who performed Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas, said: It’s four months until Christmas today, and this is the last show, so I don’t hate it. ”

Their final show featured songs they’ve championed over the years, including tracks from Capaldi, Ryder and Cory.

Northern Irish DJ Dean McCullough and Bolton-born Vicky Hawksworth will replace the pair for a new daytime show Monday through Thursday from 1pm to 3:30pm from 5th September.

Mills will move to BBC Radio 2, taking over the 2pm-4pm slot occupied by presenter Steve Wright since 1999.

Wright announced that he would be stepping down from the afternoon show at the end of September for the first time in 23 years, as part of the station’s schedule changes.

Meanwhile, Stark will join Capital Breakfast in the fall alongside Roman Kemp, taking on a new role in the global podcast division developing sports content for global players.

Stark currently co-hosts the sports show That Peter Crouch Podcast with former football player and The Pirate Ship with celebrity chef Tom Kerridge.

The pair announced the news of their departure from BBC Radio 1 in July with the help of Scottish singer-songwriter Capaldi.

Capaldi, 25, recorded a video of himself sharing the news and later shared it on social media.

Mills has been a radio presenter since the age of 16 and broadcasts on local Southampton radio station Power FM.

After joining the BBC in 1998, Mills ran BBC Radio 1’s breakfast show until 2004, then appeared on weekend afternoon shows for six months.

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