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Text: Ma Tianlong

The art and culture, health care, gastronomy and shrine trips, etc., interviewed by Macao Shimbun reporter.

Intentional participation in business transactions outside of the venue’s operating plan, liability This time, the public investment committee has requested intentional participation in the investment project. weight), allowable length of stay on airliners, and progress analysis of the annual quantification law”.

Advancing overseas markets

July 28th, “Macao Special Administrative Zone Suspension” Publication Registration Administrative Approval, Propaganda Development New Unicycle Park Expo Public Good Luck Receipt Competition. ,Jiao Jiao International Passenger Source Market.

Athletes should be aware of the promotion of their organization and the planning of their activities, and their awareness of the need to increase the strength of the international passenger airline competition. Service experience, Gong’s unique existing market, as well as the development of new overseas markets.

The government’s requirements are to improve the competitiveness of the competition, increase the scale and frugality of the exhibition facilities, strengthen regulations, organize and promote activities, and encourage more national enterprises to regularly participate in the activities.

Specializing in music, art and culture

舉舦The world’s top-class film, TV milestone and imperfect item, the reason why the company has the responsibility to approve the internationally renowned artist and music performer. Planning, at the same time to expand the scale of small enterprises on the mainland.

The successor company has approved a dose of basic equipment to foster successful cross-border athletics, including e-sports.

Art and cultural item investments include regular arts, crafts, cultural relics, cartoons, period, paintings and luxury goods exhibitions.

Visiting international art masters to visit the exhibition and lectures in Macau, and also to complete the collaboration with the local culture and arts community.

(220203) — MACAU, February 3, 2022 (Xinhua) — Artists perform at a parade to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Macau, southern China, February 3, 2022. (Xinhua/Cheong Kam Ka)

Health care Japanese gastronomy travel

Non-luxury investment items Requirement Six health care, among which health tourism is the key, related products and services related to the development of enterprises, including internal medical care, traditional medical service, beauty and rehabilitation hydrotherapy, etc.

Dragon Quest Successor Company Refund Deposit, Development Creation New High-Tech Center, Yakushima’s Items Comparable, Result Induced Different Years.

In 2018, Macau was awarded the title of “Creative Cuisine Capital” by the Allied Education and Culture Organization.

The first investment request submitted to the invitation letter for tourism in the community.

The tenth item of the investment item requirement is maritime travel, immediate auction launch, coastal vacation travel, maritime sports, etc.

Finally, there are the thematic exchanges and other investment projects of the content contestants, such as the innovation of local technology, the development of the joint technology industry, and the “other non-expert items for the world-class tourism and tourism industry in the international passenger industry, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in the mainland.” Creative and new development opportunities, allowing small and medium-sized enterprises to win each other, jointly promote special economics, diversification, and sustainable development in Wacheng City.

Official administrative order issued on July 28, 2018, the next public auction will be removed from the next public auction. (2) Plans for development of foreign guest venues; (3) Fortune-telling or joint experience in public entertainment venues; (4) Investment in both profitable and non-profitable items; (5) administrative agency plans; (6) supervision and security agency illegal activities; (7) quasi-acceptable social responsibility.

All intentional participation in this next public auction before 5:45 pm on September 14, 2022.

gaming tile throwing plan

Non-profitable investment item for demanding investment

overseas customer

conference exhibition


physical development

culture art

health care

theme travel

gourmet city

shrine trip

maritime travel

Other items (science and technology)

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