Elsie Ao Ieong U, Secretary of Social Affairs and Culture, led a delegation to Beijing from August 30th to September 2nd to hear the views of the central government on socio-cultural issues in the Macau Special Administrative Region, and to discuss policies and other issues. I asked for help in the field. measures.

Members of the delegation included Ho Ioc San, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Kong Chi Meng, Director of Department of Education and Youth Development (DSEDJ), Leong Wai Man, Director of Cultural Affairs, and Director of Sports. Pun Weng Kun, Health Director Lo Iek Long, Director of Medicines Administration (ISAF) Choi Peng Cheong, Chairman of Peking Union Medical College Hospital/Macau Hospital Strategic Development Committee Lei Chin Ion, Hospital Preparatory Office Dr. Lei Wai Seng .

Elsie Ao Ieong met with China Sports Director General Gao Zhidan to discuss preparations for the 15th National Games, which will be held in Macau, Hong Kong and cities in the Greater Bay Area. To facilitate development, we plan to allow more sporting events of different categories to be held in Macau.

Meanwhile, China Central Broadcasting Corporation has agreed to promote the image of the city of Macau to a wider audience in the Greater Bay Area and help create Macau’s role as a hub for Sino-Portuguese culture.

All members of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital/Macau Hospital Strategy Development Committee also held a preparatory work meeting for the next first official meeting of the Committee

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