Senate negotiators announced a bipartisan framework for the shootings in the United States last month.

This proposal represents a modest breakthrough that provides measured gun curbs and enhanced efforts to improve school safety and mental health programs.

This framework goes far below the more difficult steps that President Joe Biden and many Democrats have long sought. But if the deal leads to legislation, it will mark a shift from years of gun slaughter that has caused a near stalemate in Congress.

Leaders hope to swiftly enact any agreement before the political momentum caused by the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas.

As a significant step forward, 20 senators, including 10 Republicans, have issued a statement calling for the passage of the framework. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to enacting the bill is the 50-50 Senate, which requires at least 10 Republican votes to reach the usual 60-vote threshold for approval. Is potentially important.

“Families are scared. Our duty is to get together and accomplish something that helps regain a sense of security and security in the community,” said a member of the Diet.

This compromise makes available records of boys who have been background-checked for gun buyers under the age of 21.

US President Joe Biden said the framework reflects “an important step in the right direction” (Evan Vucci / AP).

There were 18 suspects who killed 10 people in Buffalo’s supermarket and 19 students and 2 teachers in Yuvarde’s primary school, both of which are the majority of attackers who have been mass-fired in recent years. Was young.

The agreement implements a “danger signal” law that makes it easier to temporarily steal guns from potentially violent people and strengthens school safety and mental health programs. Will provide money to the state.

More people who sell guns need to get a federal dealer’s license. In other words, you need to do a background check on the buyer. Domestic violence, who did not live with ex-boyfriends such as ex-boyfriends, is banned from buying firearms, and legally buying weapons for non-ownership is a crime.

Negotiators said details and legislative language would be written in the coming days. Parliamentary aides said billions of dollars would be spent expanding the number of local mental health centers and suicide prevention programs, but other spending remained undecided.

It was unclear how long it would take to conclude an agreement that could lead to new controversies. However, the common desire of both parties to show a response to recent shootings suggested that there was strong momentum towards enactment.

In a statement, Biden said the framework “does not do everything I think is necessary, but it reflects an important step in the right direction and will pass Congress in decades. Will be the most important gun safety law. “

Given the bipartisan support, “there is no excuse for delays and there is no reason not to pass the Senate and House quickly,” he said.

The announcement underscores the pressure of the election year that both parties have felt since the shootings last month.

These massacres prompted two weeks of private talks between a group of Republican and Democratic senators led by Chris Murphy, John Cornyn, Thom Tillis, and Kyrsten Sinema.

This agreement represents a lowest common denominator compromise on gun violence, rather than a complete sea change in Congress. Although accompanied by lawmakers who have decided to show that they are responding to voters’ aversion to Buffalo and Uvalde, Republicans are still blocking the broader steps Democrats want.

This includes banning assault rifles such as the AR-15 type rifles used in Buffalo and Yuvalde and raising the legal age to purchase them.

The AR-15 is a popular and powerful semi-automatic firearm capable of firing large magazines and has been used in many of the country’s hottest shootings in recent years.

The Democrats also wanted to ban large magazines and extend the necessary background checks to the purchase of far more guns. None of these proposals create opportunities in Congress.

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