KPMG is co-sponsoring the 6th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum [CARIF] From September 19th to 20th, 2022, we’ll meet and return live at the Ritz-Carlton in Coconut Grove, Miami.

A spokeswoman said: “Investing in cutting-edge sustainable infrastructure will play a key role in stimulating economic growth, accelerating decarbonization and building resilience across the Caribbean.

“But how have the island’s government infrastructure priorities and the demands of locals and visitors changed in the face of extreme weather and unusual economic and public health challenges?

“The turmoil is serious, but what are the trends accelerating and what is the project pipeline? Green and resilient are being advertised as the ultimate goal, but the project is How and with what funding can it be provided, and who is bidding, bidding, investing, financing and building next-generation infrastructure across the region?

“More than ever, the infrastructure market in the region needs a meeting place, a place to pollinate ideas, start projects and raise money. Now in its sixth year, the infrastructure of the region. The market needs CARIF as it has established a solid position as a structural event. “

Lori Rockhead, Sector Leader of Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare at KPMG in Bermuda, said: Growing global interest in sustainability is important to help the region achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Two themes will be explored: CARIF’s economic growth and sustainability. We are pleased to include the following on the agenda:

  • Restoration of tourism and redevelopment of airport infrastructure using the trend of digital nomads.
  • How the islands are working to embrace food security through vertical and intensive production.
  • The basis of how the islands generate greater economic growth and achieve economic diversity.When
  • Reduce the risk of infrastructure financing with more resilient infrastructure and ESG.

“KPMG has been committed to helping the island’s government build internal capabilities over the years, so a successful infrastructure that covers how to create effective business cases to raise funds. We are excited to hold a workshop on project development. We often hear that it is difficult to secure funding, but in our experience it is possible to use funding for projects supported by healthy business cases. I already know.”

“Participate as more than 250 leaders from 30 countries on September 19-20 this year to shape the future of Caribbean infrastructure and capital projects. Learn more about CARIF. Please look.”


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