In September 2022, the top 10 “most liked” photos on Bernews’ Instagram page included a baby born during Hurricane Fiona, Prime Minister Bart’s royal condolences, the BELCO crew at work, and Hurricane Fiona. included the Bermuda airport in the interior of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. , BWS Hurricane Prediction, Department of National Security on Hurricane Fiona, King Charles III’s Proclamation, Prime Minister and Governor Signing Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, Government Report on “Meeting Challenges of Population Aging in Bermuda” .’

#1 – Hurricane Baby

#2 – Prime Minister Burt’s condolences after Queen’s death

#3 – BELCO Crews At Work

#4 – Inside Hurricane Fiona

#5 – Bermuda from Microsoft Flight Simulator

#6 – BWS Hurricane Forecast

#7 – Department of Homeland Security on Hurricane Fiona

#8 – Proclamation of King Charles III

#9 – Prime Minister and Governor sign Queen Elizabeth II condolences

#10 – “Addressing the challenges of an aging population in Bermuda”

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