It’s also this year that Love Island enthusiasts use Twitter to provide commentary on the first show.

Lots of string bikinis that don’t fit the tan line and body

In public dissatisfaction? As always: “No one is vibrating”, “Everyone is so dry and boring”, “Why does Tasha keep saying” great! “? “

The answers to all of the above are: They are all hellishly tense. So why is this tweet appropriate to deal with regression?

In my experience, this type of viewer feedback continues unabated until Casa Amor occurs within a few weeks. Anyway, I’m here to bring you the best bit twice a week, so you might be able to insert yourself into a “water cooler conversation” if you wish.

But first, this is a mandatory summary of last night’s show. why? environment!

Episode 1 Summary

A woman arrives, a bark and a prosecco pop out, a spectacular tanning line is investigated, hair is thrown, and Laura arrives under her current trademark “HELLO GIRLS, HOW ARE YIS!” ..

Today’s video

She had them lined up by the pool, dropped the Clangers, where the public was playing Cupid for the first time, and chose the boy they should couple first. This didn’t work …

Amber has a point, but BOZOS said he chose her to win the competition in 2019 with the lovely Greg O’Shea. So what kind of couple did Bozo come up with? Of course, the most obvious!


Paige, Indiyah, Gemma, Amber, Tasha and Laura get to know each other. Photo: ITV

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Breakdown of who combined with whom

::: Dami, a 26-year-old “smart” microbiologist from Dublin, first came out and the general public decided that he should partner with a 24-year-old nanny from Amber, London. Dami didn’t look so excited, but he feels that there is only one setting on his face. Random facts: His “love stick” has a heart-shaped bruise.

::: The 22-year-old student Liam was the second man to land. Among the things that bother his head? The way grapes turn into raisins and the fact that Elton John is not two separate people (Elton John). He partnered with Michael Owen’s daughter Jema. We’ll talk more about this later.

::: Next is Ikena, a sales specialist who has been single for three years and is serious about dumplings. His record of night kisses was “15-20”, which wasn’t even the last night of Gaeltacht.

Ikenna has partnered with a 23-year-old hotel worker and “female playa” Indiyah. Ikena had been “gassed” to match Indiya, but she looked sick. Their first conversation revolved primarily around the size of her bottom.

::: Andrew, a Dubai-based real estate agent, joined next. He was enthusiastic about cracking, considering that “at the age of 27, time is ticking.” Tasha, a dancer who is a general ideological model, is perfect for him. Their first conversation included the location of Gurnsey, the fact that it wasn’t in Ireland, and whether the dancers needed to be flexible.

::: So it probably left a paramedic page with Luka, a fish store born in 1995 given a tat decorated on his navel. Their first conversation was “favorite sex position”. Love island.. Page reveals that she is a “broken eagle”, while Luka is her “oyster”. He later admitted that he was fancy with Tasha and Jema, but given that she really likes his collection of any tattoos, he should consider sticking to Page. I have.

The best bit of episode 1

In my opinion, the most prominent events that took place during the 90-minute celebration of the abundant buttock last night were personality traits, stilt conversations, and the arrival of one “DaVeeda HDAy”.

But first, I’m sick of the solid Ian Sterling of the show’s narration. Ian Sterling provided a bizarre blend of current events (aside from House tractor porn jokes), along with this observational line of Dublin Dami on the verge of finding out who is who. Chosen for him: “His heart is in his mouth, and in his penis!” Ian Sterling, ladies and gentlemen.


David caused a great deal of commotion when he arrived. Photo: ITV

Our second star at night must be the level of Indiya and her candidness. Within her mass of wisdom were some very compelling insights into her view of men, such as “all men are red flags” and “men are strange”. Not short, tattoos, ugly trunks! “

She also has a great fear of suspicious footwear, so she was the least satisfied when Ikena bounced on Crocs. However, she may make an exception when considering admission to girls. “Shoes are big for me, but he prepares my toes. I really like it.”

In addition, she dared to put him around the yard like a pony during the mandatory first night game.

The third notable issue was the abbreviation for “Bish” from Bishop in Luke and his name. Because it rhymes with fish. To confirm, it is “Bish sells fish”. The guy wants his own branding range, init.

Given the tat and general obscenity around the conversation topic he chose, it would be easy to write down Luka. But last night, anyone with an eyeball could find out that there was her genuine admiration and respect for Tasha.

After sticking to Tasha for a while, she comes across as a real positive light – it may last for a long time.

Our fourth best bit comes in the form of Gemma and Liam. The 19-year-old has received considerable opposition to her treatment of partners from her offset.

Student Liam seems to resemble a Labrador puppy. He knows something is happening, but his master keeps his nose fluttering. For example, Liam asked, “Are you with a soccer player? Why do you think you were with a soccer player?”

Instead of enlightening him that Michael Owen was actually her father, Jema shut him down. Then, while dare, she demanded that he not ask her to do a lap dance for him. So he didn’t. When she was told to kiss her favorite person, she kissed a new person …


Thanks to the tattoo, Luka speculates that she was born in 1995. Photo: ITV

This neatly brings us to the last best bit of the night. And poor Luka thought he was the only “Italian stallion” in his villa …

David (pronounced David Day, which the islanders felt quite confused) had a significant impact on entering the villa. He is a boy, everyone fantasizes about him. When the mandatory game began, he got essentially all the action. If you need visuals, consider a significantly enhanced version of Giovanni from Strictly Come Dancing.

As is customary in the first episode, David received the following text: Find out who is the luckiest person. “

Given that she hunted him down for a chat about her love for mafia-related books, it wouldn’t seem like Page …

Overall atmosphere …

Night tweets …

Love island I’ll be back at 9pm tomorrow night with VirginMediaOne and VirginMediaPlayer.

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