Singapore: Two teenage boys who were sexually abused by prominent members of the local Catholic community after the incident came to light in 2009 “rejected” police reports, the Catholic Order said. Said in a statement on Sunday (June 5th).

The boys were able to call the police and were repeatedly told to accompany them to the police station, but they insisted that they wanted to keep the matter secret.

Therefore, the Catholic sect’s boss, who began investigating the case, did not report to the police at the time, “respecting the expressed hopes and demanding the privacy of the victims.”

“As far as we know, there were no other victims and the criminals confirmed this,” said the Catholic Church.

These details were revealed in a statement published on the website of the Archdiocese of Roman Catholics in Singapore on Sunday.

The criminal was sentenced to five years in prison last month after being convicted of sexually assaulting the boys. Between 2005 and 2007..

According to court documents, a Singaporean man who is a member of the Catholic cult has vowed to be single and has never been married.

I can’t give him a name Because of his name, designation, appointment, and detailed gag order imposed by the court prohibiting the disclosure of the school to which he was linked.

The Archdiocese also called for the partial lifting of the Gag Order “to increase accountability and transparency” on Sunday, but said the request was rejected by the Prosecutor’s Office (AGC).

Treatment by religious order, payment for rehabilitation

The Archdiocese said it had issued a statement by the monastic order to provide “as much information as possible within the Gag Order” imposed on the case.

The religious orders within the Roman Catholic Church are organized separately and are governed by their own judicial procedures and legal controls.

In that statement, Order states: The local leader first learned of the incident when one of the victims confided to him in 2009, after both had already left school.

The investigation was immediately initiated by the boss of the Knights of Singapore. Only local leaders and bosses were involved during the investigation.

“The victims were interviewed and counseled,” Order said.

After they objected to the police report, the boss focused on what to do with the criminals who “repented and expressed their willingness to accept all the consequences.”

“The boss immediately removed the criminal from his position and prevented him from returning to the school grounds to prevent further contact with victims and minors,” he said.

“He sent criminals for treatment, treatment and rehabilitation, starting with an intensive six-month program in the United States paid by the Order.”

The CNA asked the Catholic Church if the church had taken any action because it did not report the police.

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