Shamrock Rovers had already picked up two big European victories this week before Andy Lyons’ header in the 89th minute capped a game of mixed emotions.

Confirmation that Talat could host their home games in the European Conference League was a consolation to their lack of qualification to the Europa League.

And rumors circulated at halftime last night at Dublin 24 that Hoops would be the third seed in today’s draw in Istanbul. .

They’ve won all four home games in Europe this year, and while there’s no doubt Ferencbarros fell short of the level of his first joust, Bradley said his A lot can still be stolen from how the team approached it. A challenge to restore the positive momentum of adventures on the continent.

Rovers fans are looking forward to searching for flights and planning trips on Friday afternoon, with the prospect of three more nights like this at headquarters that will excite the Rovers hierarchy.

Most of the 7,163 fans in attendance went home satisfied and the Lions’ victory after a late delivery of Jack Byrne also gave the League of Ireland a factor in the UEFA wide rankings determined by the 90-minute result. I worked.

This could always be a strange affair, with an overall draw decided by comfortable Ferencvaros success in Budapest.

Rovers made it clear in qualifying that the main game of the week will be Sunday’s FAI Cup match in Drogheda, with the Lions, Dylan Watts, Dan Cleary, Rory Gaffney and Aaron Green on the bench. Relegated, Byrne confirmed that by not being in danger. Start.

It opened the door for teens Justin Felizai and Aidomo Emah to score outright crack in a big caliber match. A talented Irish underage midfielder of Albanian heritage, Felizaj broke the mold by being selected to start the Europa League fixtures ahead of the league. Ireland one.

The 17-year-old was a bright spark in the first half in terms of whoops, and a big flush from an instinctive 25-yarder brought him tantalizingly close to the opener.

There were odd signs of inexperience, but the fact that he was trusted in Deadball reflects the respect he holds. While expensive, Rovers fans will have fun watching him grow in the meantime. A busy fixture schedule should allow it.

Leading the line was a tougher task for Emmaq, who was more experienced and was going to be treated rough against the physically superior team of Ferenc Barros.

They asked that department to change, but stuck with the front 4 that had plagued the Rovers seven days earlier. But there was a lack of urgency, perhaps understandable with cushions.

There was some competitiveness when it came to the meaty challenges from both sides, but there was no question that the game lacked the edge that would have existed if the qualification had truly been at stake.

The best chance of the first half came after Moroccan Ryan Maiy, who dominated the game scoreless in Budapest, missed another chance to get on the score sheet with a close-range header pushed by Alain Mannus in the interval. I came just before.

It’s been lively since the reboot, with Mmaee involved on both ends. His casual approach contributed to a break for Emmahu, which led to a foul on the edge of the box, and a free for Sean Kavanagh, pushed off by former Liverpool netminder Adam Bogdan.

Richie Twell threatened with an ensuing volley, but a more daring Rovers approach was offered, reminding Ferencvaro of pace on the counter and Mannus denying Mammai from the one-on-one situation.

Both sides rang subsequent changes, with Byrne injecting quality for Rovers in the final third. Ferencvaros played well and Sean Gannon scored an excellent block after struggling at Groupama Arena.

The three behind Gannon, Sean Hoare and Lee Grace performed well in covering the ground and deciding when to stay and leave.

As the game entered the dying stage, Rovers asked more questions, Byrne grabbed a 1-yard space and executed a perfect through ball, and Bogdan pushed the Lions effort out of the post.

However, the Rovers submarine was not yet completed. Rovers, his U21 squad for Ireland, expected a close-range header on his shot, flying over a corner by Byrne.

Shamrock Rovers: Mannus, Ganon, Hoare, Grace. Finn (Lions 64), O’Neal, Kavanagh (Watts 72), Falgia; Twell (Burn 72), Felizazi (Tete 72); Emaf (Green 64).

Ferencvaros: Bogdan, Wingo, Noester, Kovacevic, Civic. Esiti (Vecsei 58), Laidouni; Auschi (Marquinhos 58), Tokmac (Mercier 71), Traoré (Ristos 79); Mmaee (Boli 71).

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