It’s early morning in New York — I’m calling from London — and we casually jump on the topic of murder. After making Sisters, “It’s just a regular occurrence.” She’s playful, but she’s also serious. “I’m so angry. I get fueled by it sometimes. I don’t know what it is or where it’s coming from. But yeah, I often felt like killing someone.” she paused. Afterthought: “By the way, this isn’t something I’d go forward with.” The punchline is slyly delivered with perfectly comical timing. For Hogan, who has created several definitive TV her comedies over the past 15 years, being funny is natural. She says, “In my normal life, I feel like even the way I structure my sentences tends to be kind of comedic.”

Bound by a fierce work ethic (she only took a “four minute lunch break”, Catastrophe co-writer Rob Delaney complained), Hogan’s keen eye for the subject gave us hits like: motherland When pulland hidden gems like the 2007 series Angelo’sIn , she plays one half of a couple on Bobby on the Beat. Shocked by her partner’s admission that she masturbates twice a day, Hogan’s PC said: one of the causes. ”

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