RÚV reports that a man suspected of being shot in the Reykjavik metropolitan area yesterday in Hafnarfjordur will be detained for four weeks. The ruling points out that the suspect’s mental state is a factor in the suspect’s crime. Special forces were summoned to Hafnarfjordur’s Misveril Street yesterday morning after an individual fired weapons at two cars.

The two cars were parked between the apartment building and the kindergarten. At the time of the incident, the man was in one of his cars with his five-year-old son. No one was injured in the shooting. After the incident, police blocked the area and negotiated with a suspect in his 60s. He came out of the apartment and did not resist the arrest.

Nearly 30 police officers, including special forces, were involved in responding to the incident. People in the apartment building and kindergarten were told to stay in place while the suspect was arrested. Police are encouraging those affected by the incident and need assistance in calling the Red Cross helpline in 1717.

The four-week institutionalized post-shooter first appeared in Island Review.

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