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Bad news for short men. He may have to earn about $250,000 more a year to be considered desirable as a tall man.

Vivian, a popular Asian-American financial influencer dubbed “Your Rich BFF” on Instagram, asked, “How much is six inches worth?” In a clip posted earlier this month.

She said a University of Chicago study found that a 167.64 cm (5 ft 6 in) tall man costs an additional US$175,000 (SGD244,000) to be as attractive as a 183 cm (6 in) tall man. ) has to be earned. feet).

It seems that the taller the better.

“And a 6ft 2in (187.96cm) man can afford to earn US$30,000 (SGD 42,000) less than a 6ft shy man (all my 5ft 11.5in liars) It’s just as attractive.”

However, she added that the study was only conducted for heterosexual scenarios.

However, Vivan asked the “Short King” if he would consider earning more if it increased his chances of dating.

She also asked the women who follow her if they would Piaget a man who is 6 inches (15.24 cm) short but earns an extra US$175,000 (SGD244,000) a year, asking commenters which I asked how you feel.

Netizens had mixed reactions to Vivian’s post.

“I’m 5’1” and my man is mayyyyyybe 5’4. I don’t care what he makes! ” he wrote one woman.

Another woman who dates a short man said the extra money would be a “plus.”

Some women have said that they actually prefer dating shorter men.

One woman even said, “I’m so tired of this high obsession.”

“Height doesn’t matter!” wrote another.

A short man also called out.

Another man wrote that being funny can go a long way.

And one woman dismissed the whole issue by writing that she was making her own money.


Man says his ‘social experiment’ shows women prefer short but tall men to short but good looking men, but netizens disagree is doing

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