Foldable smartphones are becoming more and more popular thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy Z lineup, and the new Fold4 is the latest device to attempt to make the argument that foldables are the future of phones.

Sophisticated hardware and software make the device more attractive in terms of both looks and usability, and with improved cameras, Samsung hopes to draw more attention away from traditional flat phones. I’m here.

But does the Fold4 fully justify the folding hype and its price tag of over €1,900? Here we take a closer look at the new smartphone.


The larger of Samsung’s two foldable phones, the Fold4 sticks to the traditional format of a regular smartphone screen on the front of the device, but opens to reveal a tablet-sized display.

But this year, things have been a little more polished with a new glossy outer frame and hinges, a little weight and thickness to shave off, and a slightly larger front screen.

The latter is important. Because the cover screen on his previous Folds has always been a little too narrow, and as a result, it looked and felt different than the normal smartphone experience, which made it a bit jarring.

The Fold4 has been updated in many ways, including a larger cover screen. Photo: Martyn Landi/PA

But with the cover screen pushed out to 6.2 inches, it’s easier to see and use.

This is important because for foldable devices to become mainstream, as Samsung wants them to be, they need to be familiar and comfortable for users entering the category for the first time.

All of these changes make the Fold4 better overall.

However, this is a thick smartphone even when closed. It’s considerably thicker than the iPhone 13, for example. And while it’s a little easier to carry in your pocket this year, it’s still a relatively bulky device.


Most of the updates and tweaks made to Fold4 are incremental and designed to improve the already premium smartphone experience, but a software update that made a big difference in how you can use the Fold4 as a productivity tool. there is one On-screen taskbar.

This appears when you open a specific app using the large foldable screen and jumps to the open app with the app icon pinned to the bottom of the home screen. Tap.

The Fold screen is a smart update as it’s already suitable for productivity tasks with its existing multi-window support that allows you to open up to three apps on the screen at once.

Adding a taskbar to this makes it even more productive. It replicates the experience found on tablets and PCs and brings it to much smaller and more mobile devices. In the process, the Fold becomes even more attractive to those looking for a device. Support their working life.

Another area that has had notable upgrades is the rear camera system, which houses the same setup as the company’s flagship S22 series released earlier this year.

The result is the best-performing camera ever on a Fold device, with enhanced zoom and improved low-light photo quality.

Fold4’s software has been updated to make working on a larger screen smoother. Photo: Martyn Landi/PA

Again, Samsung’s S Pen stylus is compatible with the Fold, but it’s not included in the box. This means you must already own or purchase it from another compatible Samsung device.

This generation of Fold takes the software forward again, making it simple and convenient for all kinds of users.

The hardware is pretty much there too, and while there have been some technological advances to eliminate issues such as the creasing of the foldable main screen, it’s still a bit uncomfortable for newcomers to the form factor.

The only remaining hurdle after that is lowering the price, even though it’s true that the Fold 4 is clearly meant to be a hyper-premium device and not yet aimed at the average consumer. Given incremental updates, this is uncomfortable.


Samsung’s foldable lineup has improved over the years, and it’s clear to observe that the roadmap for making devices like the Fold4 mainstream is undergoing an annual update.

For those looking to jump to the top of the market, the Fold4 looks better than ever and thanks to some very smart software tweaks, it’s fantastic with one of the best productivity experiences on a mobile device. Device.

But it’s expensive, it’s still bulky for those used to flat smartphones, and it’s not entirely sleek anywhere.

With each new generation of Samsung’s foldable devices, claims to the future of foldable phones seem to get stronger, and while the Fold 4 is another important part of that journey, that future is still completely out of the question. has not arrived.

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